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Get to know John McCain

2008 Republican Presidential Candidate

At 72 years old, Arizona Senator John McCain is older than most people who have won the presidency. But that doesn't mean he's ignoring young people and young voters.

The Senator's family has been instrumental in getting people, especially young people, involved with McCain's campaign. His daughter Meghan has brought younger voters into the political process through blogging.

She runs the blog McCain Blogette along with two of her friends. On the blog, Meghan writes about pop culture—music, art, fashion—in relation to her father's campaign for President. Meghan even writes about how she might improve the White House if her father becomes President.

"It is everything people say it is and more. Just truly, absolutely breathtaking," Meghan blogged about the White House on March 6. "However, I do think it's in need of some modern art. I was an art history major after all and love everything Andy Warhol has done—there should be one in the White House!"

McCain's adopted daughter Bridget supports her father from their home in Phoenix. She told Scholastic News that she traveled on the campaign trail during McCain's previous run for President in 2000, but it was hard being away from her friends.

So this time, she's staying home and going to high school, where she is a sophomore. "School is awesome because of my friends," Bridget told Scholastic News. "It's important for kids to be respectful to each other and help one another to make school better for everyone."

Senator McCain has his ideas on how to make schools better, too. He would limit the federal government's involvement in schools and put the responsibility on states and local authorities.

A major educational focus for McCain has been on the increasing price of college tuition."We obviously have to make college affordable and available to all Americans who make the grades," McCain told Scholastic News. "We're going to have to keep the prices down and reward, particularly, science and engineering students because that's a great need of ours."

McCain also thinks young people should get more involved in politics. "First they should become informed on the issues and the candidates, and then become involved in a campaign," McCain told Scholastic News. "There is no better or exciting experience than to become involved in a political campaign."

Certainly, McCain must find campaigning exciting. This is his second bid for President, and he has served in public office since 1982!

For more information, visit this candidate's Web site.

Get to know Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama here.


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