Lesson Plans & Worksheets

The Lexus Eco Challenge is back for the 2013-2014 school year! Prepare your students with educational materials that meet national standards in science, social studies, civics, and language arts.

Before you begin:

> Get a printable Challenge Planner (PDF) which outlines key dates and deadlines for this year's challenge.

> Download the Lexus Eco Challenge's correlation to Common Core State Standards for grades 6-8, grades 9-10, and grades 11-12.

> Download all of the student printables to use with each lesson:

Choosing the Right Topic (PDF)
Planning and Teamwork (PDF)
Creating an Action Plan (PDF)
Beyond the Action Plan (PDF)
Reaching Out (PDF)
Action Plan Template (PPT)


You can find all of the teacher and student resources below.


Healthy Soil, Healthy Land
Help your students develop an Eco Action Plan that addresses a community issue that relates to land, such as waste management, deforestation, or loss of biodiversity.

Water Works
Use this lesson to help your students pick, plan, and implement their Action Plan to address a community water issue, such as water conservation, shrinking aquatic habitats, or coastal development.

The Air Factor/Global Warming, Local Solutions
Inspire your students to develop an Action Plan addressing an air or climate issue, such as global warming, ozone depletion, or renewable energy.

Final Challenge
Final Challenge: All winning teams from the initial Challenges will be invited to participate in the Final Challenge!

Be the Change
Use this Lesson Plan to show students the power of youth activism in the Lexus Eco Challenge.

Global Warming, Local Solutions
Students will conduct a short survey to discover what their community knows about global warming and what steps they are willing to take to reduce the production of greenhouse gases.

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