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    Roald Dahl Grades 5-8

    Roald Dahl Grades 5-8

    by Roald Dahl

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    Set Includes:
    • The BFG
    • Fantastic Mr. Fox
    • The Giraffe and the Pelly and Me
    • Matilda
    • The Witches

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    Paperback Book Collection | Grades 5-8
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    Roald Dahl Grades 5-8
    Grades 5-8 $17.50
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    Roald Dahl

    Roald Dahl

    by Christina Leaf

    From his mischievous childhood onward, Roald Dahl led an adventurous life. It wasn’t until he endured a head injury that he started writing, however. Find out what this creative author did to strengthen his abilities and capture reluctant readers.

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    Library Binding | Grades 2-4
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    Roald Dahl
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The Giraffe and the Pelly and Me

Author: Roald Dahl

Illustrator: Quentin Blake

Interest Level:

Lexile Framework:

Grade Level Equivalent:

Guided Reading Level:


Adventure, Comedy and Humor, Poetry and Rhymes

Cooperation and Teamwork, Friends and Friendship, Jobs, Careers, Work

About This Book

Roald Dahl uses rich language and fantastic images to tell the tale of a young boy who is able to make his dream of running a candy shop come true. The adventure begins when the little boy teams up with the Giraffe and the Pelican to clean windows at the Ladderless Window Cleaning Company.

This simple plot explodes into an excitingly zany tale that makes readers laugh out loud while conveying a positive message. Dahl expresses this tale by interweaving poetry, charming illustrations and an engaging narrative voice to make this story enticing. Many young readers will recognize that each character serves a special purpose in the story. For example, the Giraffe becomes a main character because of his long neck and ability to reach and clean high windows.

A great read-aloud, this book is also a spectacular model to use with young, developing writers. Among other things, it is a terrific example of what poetry is and how poetry can be used to tell stories. The book closes with the words "No book ever ends when it's full of your friends, the Giraffe and the Pelly and Me." The last line invites young readers to imagine the wonders that lie within all books. This fun, fast-paced story is a fabulous choice, containing many valuable lessons.

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