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    Romeo and Juliet Code, The

    Romeo and Juliet Code, The

    by Phoebe Stone

    A sudden trip to a seaside house.
    A boy with brown sugar eyes.
    And then, a mysterious letter.

    Felicity's glamorous parents have a secret. When they leave her with distant relatives in Maine, far away from the battles of WWII, Felicity hopes they won't be gone for long. Her new Uncle Gideon hides things. Her Aunt Miami is star-crossed. And Derek, a kid her age, refuses to leave his room.

    But Felicity needs Derek's help. Gideon is getting coded letters from Felicity's parents, and she's sure they're in trouble. Can Felicity crack the code, heal the family and save her parents, all while surviving her first crush? It's a tall order for a small girl, but Felicity is up for the challenge.


    Phoebe Stone's first novel, All the Blue Moons at the Wallace Hotel, was hailed as "haunting and poetic" by The New York Times. Her first novel for Arthur A. Levine Books, Deep Down Popular, received a starred review in Booklist. And her most recent offering, The Romeo and Juliet Code, received stars from both The Horn Book Magazine and Publisher's Weekly. Phoebe lives in Middlebury, Vermont.

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    Romeo and Juliet Code, The
    Ages 8-12 $5.56
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    Romeo and Juliet Code, The (EBK)

    Romeo and Juliet Code, The (EBK)

    by Phoebe Stone

    It's 1941, and 11-year-old Felicity's home in London is under threat of being bombed by the Nazis. So Felicity's parents take her from England to stay with her uncle Gideon and aunt Miami in Maine—but then they leave without saying where they're going.

    Uncle Gideon starts getting letters, written in code, postmarked from Portugal. Are they from Felicity's parents? Are her parents and uncle spies? She and her 12-year-old cousin Derek start trying to crack the code—will they uncover some deep, dark family secrets along the way?

    With a strong heroine and a blend of history, humor, and romance, this is a potboiler of a novel that middle-grade readers won't be able to put down until the final, satisfying page.

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    Romeo and Juliet Code, The (EBK)
    Ages 9-13 $9.99

Romeo and Juliet

Author: William Shakespeare

Interest Level:

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Classics, Drama

Drama, Theater, Musicals

About This Book

The Montagues and the Capulets are sworn enemies, and their mutual hatred has cost many lives. Trying to put an end to the violence, the prince decrees that the punishment for such fighting shall be death.

At a party, Romeo, the only child of Lord Montague, falls hopelessly in love with Juliet, the only child of Lord Capulet. By the next daybreak, Romeo and Juliet have made a secret plan to marry. Friar Laurence, friend to both the Montagues and the Capulets, agrees to marry Romeo and Juliet and hopes that their union will end the hatred between the two families.

After the wedding, violence again breaks out between the Montagues and the Capulets. Romeo tries to avoid it, but in the end he has killed Juliet's cousin, and is subsequently exiled from the city as punishment for his crime.

Lord Capulet, without knowing that Juliet has married, arranges for her to marry another. Juliet constructs a desperate plan with the help of Friar Laurence: she will take a potion which will make her appear to be dead, and Friar Laurence will get word to Romeo that he should sneak back to the city to meet his wife when she awakes. But Friar Laurence's message never reaches Romeo.

When Romeo hears that Juliet is dead, he buys a vial of poison and goes to Juliet's tomb to bid farewell to his beautiful wife before he kills himself. By the time Juliet awakes, Romeo is gone.

In her despair, Juliet plunges a dagger into her chest. Only now do the Capulets and the Montagues put their hatred aside to make room for their shared grief at the loss of their only children, and the victory of death over love.

Shakespeare's most famous tragedy is filled with many compelling themes, such as passion, risk, and revenge, which are sure to spark interest in young readers.

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