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    The Viper's Nest

    The Viper's Nest

    by Peter Lerangis

    It's no longer a game. The body count is rising. Shaken by recent events, Amy and Dan flee to a distant land and trace the footsteps of their most formidable ancestor yet: a military leader of mythic proportions.

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    Paperback Book | Grades 5-7
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    The Viper's Nest
    Grades 5-7 $4.88
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    39 Clues, The Book Eleven: Vespers Rising

    39 Clues, The Book Eleven: Vespers Rising

    by Rick Riordan Peter Lerangis Gordon Korman Jude Watson

    Fourteen-year-old Amy Cahill and her younger brother, Dan, thought they could return to their regular lives when they found the 39 Clues that safeguard their family's great power. But they were wrong. Powerful enemies, the Vespers, have been waiting in the shadows. And they'll stop at nothing to grab the Clues. Four powerhouse authors unite to expose the 500-year-old secret struggle between the Cahills and the Vespers. The Vespers are rising . . . and the world is in jeopardy.

    Audiobook CD | Grades 3-7
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    39 Clues, The Book Eleven: Vespers Rising
    Grades 3-7 $24.99
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Antarctica: Journey to the Pole

Author: Peter Lerangis

Interest Level:

Lexile Framework:

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Guided Reading Level:


Adventure, Historical Fiction

Determination and Perseverance, Loyalty, Antarctica and Arctic Regions, Survival

About This Book

In the year 1909, a secret American expedition was made to discover the South Pole. The expedition's leader was famed Arctic explorer Jack Winslow. Alongside him were his sixteen-year-old son, Colin; his fifteen-year-old stepson, Andrew; and Philip Westfall, the young nephew of the expedition's sponsor, the multimillionaire Horace Putney.

The voyage south was not an easy one. Conditions were harsh. Tensions escalated. And when the bottom of the world was reached, things became even worse. In their race for the Pole, Winslow and his party faced the ultimate test of endurance, loyalty, and survival.

In the darkest hours of 1910, mutiny, doubt, and disaster threatened to destroy Jack Winslow's secret American expedition to discover the South Pole. When the explorers' ship, the Mystery, was frozen in the Antarctic ice, Jack, Colin, and Andrew were forced to make a daring rescue attempt...at the risk of their lives.

The wind, the cold, and some of their own crewmen fought against them. Nobody thought they could survive.

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