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    Somebody, Please Tell Me Who I Am

    Somebody, Please Tell Me Who I Am

    by Peter Lerangis;Harry Mazer

    2013 Schneider Family Book Award Winner

    A soldier returns home from Iraq forever changed in this poignant and pivotal novel from award-winning authors, one a veteran.

    Ben lives a charmed life, effortlessly landing the lead in the high school musical, dating the prettiest girl in school. When he decides to enlist in the army, no one thinks he'll be in real danger. But his decision has devastating consequences: His convoy gets caught in an explosion, and Ben ends up in a coma for two months. When he wakes up, he doesn't know where he is, or remember anything about his old life. His family and friends mourn what they see as a loss, but Ben perseveres. And as he triumphs, readers will relate to this timely novel that pairs the action and adventure of the best war stories with the emotional elements of struggle and transformation.

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    Paperback Book | Grades 10-12
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    Somebody, Please Tell Me Who I Am
    Grades 10-12 $5.24
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    Smiler's Bones

    Smiler's Bones

    by Peter Lerangis

    A striking, impressively told novel based on the harrowing true story of Minik, an Eskimo boy seized in the name of science and brought to New York at the beginning of the 20th century. "Students will be riveted by this story and shocked at the treatment Minik and his compatriots received. ..this compelling story will keep readers interested until the last page. It is a recommended purchase for both school and public libraries..." - Voice of Youth Advocates

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    Hardcover Book | Grades 7-12
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    Smiler's Bones
    Grades 7-12 $12.71
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Antarctica: Journey to the Pole

Author: Peter Lerangis

Interest Level:

Lexile Framework:

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Adventure, Historical Fiction

Determination and Perseverance, Loyalty, Antarctica and Arctic Regions, Survival

About This Book

In the year 1909, a secret American expedition was made to discover the South Pole. The expedition's leader was famed Arctic explorer Jack Winslow. Alongside him were his sixteen-year-old son, Colin; his fifteen-year-old stepson, Andrew; and Philip Westfall, the young nephew of the expedition's sponsor, the multimillionaire Horace Putney.

The voyage south was not an easy one. Conditions were harsh. Tensions escalated. And when the bottom of the world was reached, things became even worse. In their race for the Pole, Winslow and his party faced the ultimate test of endurance, loyalty, and survival.

In the darkest hours of 1910, mutiny, doubt, and disaster threatened to destroy Jack Winslow's secret American expedition to discover the South Pole. When the explorers' ship, the Mystery, was frozen in the Antarctic ice, Jack, Colin, and Andrew were forced to make a daring rescue attempt...at the risk of their lives.

The wind, the cold, and some of their own crewmen fought against them. Nobody thought they could survive.

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