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    There's a Boy in the Girls' Bathroom - Activity Sheet

    There's a Boy in the Girls' Bathroom - Activity Sheet

    by Louis Sachar

    Scholastic’s downloadable worksheets for students offer a varied selection of tasks that require reading for meaning through many fun and strategic activities. The rich content of our title-specific blackline masters incorporates writing exercises, graphic organizers, deductive reasoning, critical thinking, vocabulary development, and much, much more. Through innovative exercises, students will enjoy a range of activities that require them to engage in post-reading reflections that include but are not limited to understanding character development, imagining new endings, connecting with text-based information, plus a focus on important age-appropriate reading strategies such as summarizing, comparing/contrasting, problem solving, synthesizing, determining cause and effect and many others. From phonics to fluency, the Scholastic downloadable worksheets offer meaningful engagement for students in grades K-12. Now available for a special selection of our most popular fiction and nonfiction paperbacks. Perfect for a learning center activity, skill reinforcement, take-home, informal self-assessment, and monitoring independent reading.

    Worksheet | Grades 4-5
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    There's a Boy in the Girls' Bathroom - Activity Sheet
    Grades 4-5 $2.95
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    Good Boy, Fergus!

    Good Boy, Fergus!

    by David Shannon

    Don't expect Fergus to come when you call. He's busy out in the neighborhood doing his job. But all that barking and chasing and pulling on things inevitably leads him into some trouble. So watch out, birds! Take cover, cats! Fergus just can't help but get into mischief, and he's coming your way!

    David Shannon's Good Boy, Fergus! has been named a 2007 Gryphon Honor Book. The Center for Children's Books awards Gryphons to those books for children in Kindergarten through Grade 4 that successfully bridge the gap between books for reading aloud to children and books for practiced readers.

    Page Turners
    Preschoolers will relate to Fergus's innocent mischief and will laugh out loud with the humor-filled story from the author of No, David!.

    books;hardcover books;hardcover picturebooks | Ages 3-6
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    Good Boy, Fergus!
    Ages 3-6 $15.99

The Boys' Book

How to Be the Best at Everything

Author: Dominique Enright and Guy MacDonald

Illustrator: Nikalas Catlow

Editor: Samantha Barnes and Philippa Wingate

Interest Level:


Functional and How-To

Outdoor Activities and Recreation, Creativity and Imagination, Outdoor Play and Games

About This Book

How to do almost anything in one handy book.

Found yourself in a sticky situation? Inside you'll learn how to escape quicksand (p. 40), build a raft (p.41), start a survival fire (p.99), or fly a helicopter (p. 11).

Want to impress your friends? Now you can rip a phonebook in half (p. 35), hypnotize a chicken (p. 56), or read their minds (p. 73).

Boring Saturday afternoon? Not anymore when you find out how to make a waterbomb (p. 79), a boomerang (p. 95), or a volcano (p. 88).

And loads of other keen things you need to know how to do!

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