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    The Boys' Book of Survival

    The Boys' Book of Survival

    Lost in the desert? Stuck in quicksand? Confronted by a man-eating tiger? Trapped at a school dance? Fear not, brave reader! With this essential survival guide, you'll find a way to get yourself out of every imaginable predicament, whether it's an avalanche or a zombie invasion! How to survive anything all in one handy book! Inside you'll find out how to treat a snakebite, send an SOS message, track an animal, make a map, and build a ladder. Find out how to survive a school dance, a shopping trip with your mom, a pop quiz, and a shark attack!

    books;hardcover books;hardcovers | Ages 9-12
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    The Boys' Book of Survival
    Ages 9-12 $9.99
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    Candy Apple #2: The Boy Next Door (Enriched EBK)

    Candy Apple #2: The Boy Next Door (Enriched EBK)

    by Dower, Laura

    Taryn and Jeff have lived next door to each other forever. It never really seemed to matter that they were a girl and a boy; they were just friends. But when they hit sixth grade, everything changes; whether they want it to or not.

    Middle school is full of new faces and new activities. Jeff makes the soccer team; and a ton of cool new friends. Taryn heads up the school carnival committee, trying to keep busy while the rest of the girls in her class go off the boy-crazy deep end. But when Jeff transforms into Mr. Popularity, Taryn can't believe it. When did he turn into such a boy? And what happened to her best friend?

    Written by both established authors and fresh new voices, Candy Apple Books feature fun, engaging, and accessible storylines.

    books;ebooks;enriched ebooks | Ages 10-13
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    Candy Apple #2: The Boy Next Door (Enriched EBK)
    Ages 10-13 $6.45

The Boys' Book

How to Be the Best at Everything

Author: Guy MacDonald , Dominique Enright and Scholastic

Illustrator: Nikalas Catlow

Editor: Philippa Wingate and Samantha Barnes

Series: Best at Everything

Interest Level:

Lexile Framework:

Guided Reading Level:


Functional and How-To, Series

Hobbies, Play, Recreation

About This Book

How to do almost anything in one handy book.

Found yourself in a sticky situation? Inside you'll learn how to escape quicksand (p. 40), build a raft (p.41), start a survival fire (p.99), or fly a helicopter (p. 11).

Want to impress your friends? Now you can rip a phonebook in half (p. 35), hypnotize a chicken (p. 56), or read their minds (p. 73).

Boring Saturday afternoon? Not anymore when you find out how to make a waterbomb (p. 79), a boomerang (p. 95), or a volcano (p. 88).

And loads of other keen things you need to know how to do!

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