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    Corduroy - Big Book & Teaching Guide

    Corduroy - Big Book & Teaching Guide

    The heart-warming adventures of an endearing toy-store teddy bear who finally finds a little girl to love him. "Irresistible appeal."—Horn Book

    Big Books feature exceptional illustrations or photographs supporting the text. Includes an activity-packed Teacher’s Guide to aid in exploring learning opportunities.

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    • Corduroy (Teaching Guide)

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    Paperback Book Collection | Grades PreK-2
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    Corduroy - Big Book & Teaching Guide
    Grades PreK-2 $25.95
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    Teaching Reading With Cynthia Rylant Books

    Teaching Reading With Cynthia Rylant Books

    by Joan Novelli

    This idea-packed resource is rich in activities, routines, and interactive reproducibles to help children boost comprehension, build fluency, and study the writer's craft to inspire and improve their writing. Before-reading discussion ideas tap prior knowledge, introduce vocabulary, and teach prediction skills. After-reading activities give children practice in using text and picture clues, sequencing, retelling, and analyzing text features and story elements. Also includes lessons for series books, an author profile, and more!

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    eBook | Grades K-2
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    Teaching Reading With Cynthia Rylant Books
    Grades K-2 $8.44
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The Teacher's Funeral

A Comedy in Three Parts

Author: Richard Peck

Interest Level:

Lexile Framework:

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Comedy and Humor, Historical Fiction

Family Life, Friends and Friendship, School Life, Responsibility

About This Book

"If your teacher has to die, August isn't a bad time of year for it," begins Richard Peck's novel, a book full of his signature wit and sass. Russell Culver is fifteen in 1904, and he's raring to leave his tiny Indiana farm town for the endless sky of the Dakotas. To him, school has been nothing but a chain holding him back from his dreams. Maybe now that his teacher has passed on, they'll shut the school down entirely and leave him free to roam.

No such luck. Russell has a particularly eventful season of schooling ahead of him, led by a teacher he never could have predicted — perhaps the only teacher equipped to control the likes of him: his sister Tansy. Despite stolen supplies, a privy fire, and more than any classroom's share of snakes, Tansy will manage to keep that school alive and maybe, just maybe, set her brother on a new, wiser course.

As he did in A Long Way from Chicago and A Year Down Yonder, Richard Peck creates a whole world of folksy, one-of-a-kind characters here — the enviable and the laughable, the adorably meek and the deliciously terrifying. There will be no forgetting Russell, Tansy, and all the rest who populate this hilarious, shrewd, and thoroughly enchanting novel.

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