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    Candy Apple #3: Miss Popularity (Enriched EBK)

    Candy Apple #3: Miss Popularity (Enriched EBK)

    by Sedita, Francesco

    This fresh and funny first entry in a three-book miniseries looks at the ups and downs of starting over; and all the drama along the way.

    Cassie Cyan Knight has it all. She's bubbly, stylish, and super friendly. She can put a show-stopping outfit together in a blink of her perfectly mascara-ed eye. No wonder the kids at Cassie's Texas middle school consider her the most popular girl around.

    But wait just a minute! Cassie's dad is relocating the family for a job? In Maine? Cassie's new prep school is a far cry from life as she knows it. The kids are ridiculously prim and proper, nobody gets her humor, and not a single kid seems to realize just how fabulous she is.

    How can this be? Will she ever fit in? Read along as Cassie goes from being the popular kid to the new kid in this warm and touching tale.

    books;ebooks;enriched ebooks | Ages 10-13
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    Candy Apple #3: Miss Popularity (Enriched EBK)
    Ages 10-13 $6.45
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    Candy Apple #30: Miss Popularity And The Best Friend Disaster

    Candy Apple #30: Miss Popularity And The Best Friend Disaster

    by Sedita, Francesco

    Cassie's back! The loveable heroine of MISS POPULARITY and MISS POPULARITY GOES CAMPING returns in a sweet and funny story about friendship, change, and the importance of lip gloss.

    Cassie is so excited! Her best friends from her native Texas are coming to visit her in Maine for her birthday. Though bubbly, fashionable Cassie has adjusted to life in the cold, snowy, preppy Northeast, she still misses her girls from back home...and she can't wait for THEM to meet her Maine BFF, Etoile. But when the Texas crew arrives, disaster strikes! They don't like Etoile...and Etoile doesn't like them! Worse, Cassie starts feeling a little bit...embarrassed by her old friends. Can Cassie keep the peace while still looking fabulous?

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    books;paperback books;paperbacks | Ages 9-12
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    Candy Apple #30: Miss Popularity And The Best Friend Disaster
    Ages 9-12 $4.19

Miss Popularity

Author: Francesco Sedita

Series: Candy Apple (Book #3)

Interest Level:

Lexile Framework:

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Moving, Fitting In, Middle School, Fashion and Beauty, New School

About This Book

Meet Cassie Knight. Bubbly, stylish, and super-friendly, she's the fashion queen at her Texas school. But when her father's job moves the family to cold, snowy Maine, Cassie's in for a huge culture shock. At her new prep school, the students are prim and proper, and worst of all, they don't find Cassie as fabulous as she knows she is! Then Cassie comes up with a brilliant idea for the school fundraiser. If she can pull it off, she may just become Miss Popularity again . . . but if not, is she doomed to remain friendless forever?

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