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    Emlyn's Moon (EBK)

    Emlyn's Moon (EBK)

    by Jenny Nimmo

    Nia has been warned to stay away from Llewelyn's chapel. Something bad happened there. But Nia is interested in Emlyn Llewelyn, who lives in the converted chapel with his father. Everyone in town avoids Emlyn. His family history and his strange ideas, like his belief that his mother lives on the moon, make him deeply unpopular especially with Nia's friend Gwyn, a young magician, and his family.

    So why is there a strange magic that draws Nia to Emlyn? Is it because of the Snow Spider's web, the glow of an ice-cold flower, and the mysterious whispering of children from some faraway place? If Nia is ever going to understand the Llewelyns and learn the truth about the shadow hanging over their chapel she will have to convince Gwyn to help her reunite the family with the rest of the town.

    Readers won't be able to turn away from this spellbinding tale, complete with well-drawn characters, fascinating Welsh mythology, and plenty of magic.

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    books;ebooks;ebooks | Ages 9-12
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    Emlyn's Moon (EBK)
    Ages 9-12 $7.99
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    The Magician Trilogy #2: Emlyn's Moon

    The Magician Trilogy #2: Emlyn's Moon

    by Jenny Nimmo

    The second volume in the Magician Trilogy takes up the story two years after the Welsh boy, Gwyn, discovers his magical powers. The focus shifts to Nia, Gwyns former neighbor, whos the middle in a pile of siblings and believes their chants: Nia cant do nothing. She believes she has no talent or identity, and suffers from her recent uprooting from the country home she loved. When she sees the magic of Gwyn and reaches out to his cousin, Emlyn Llewelyn, she begins to discover her own power in both the magical realm and in her present reality. John Keating mimics tones of teasing just as well as he slides into Welsh phrases and overlays a mystical cast to his reading as Nia travels to other worlds.

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    The Magician Trilogy #2: Emlyn's Moon
    Ages 9-12 $4.79

Emlyn's Moon

Author: Jenny Nimmo

Series: The Magician Trilogy (Book #2)

Interest Level:

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Series, Fantasy

Magic and Supernatural, Family Life

About This Book

Young magician Gywn and his friend Nia have been warned to stay away from Emlyn Llewelyn, the strange boy who claims his mother lives in the moon. And yet, a mysterious magic continues to draw them to him. But why?

The answer lies in the Snow Spider's web, an ice-cold flower's glow, and the haunting whispers of children from someplace far away. It's up to Gwyn and Nia to solve the mystery, with the help of Arianwen, the Snow Spider.

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