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    Beast Quest #1: Ferno the Fire Dragon

    Beast Quest #1: Ferno the Fire Dragon

    by Adam Blade

    Tom is a twelve-year-old village blacksmith's apprentice with a taste for adventure. He works hard for his uncle Henry, and pretends to duel when his duties are done for the day.

    but once his village is threatened, Tom's adventure will no longer be imaginary. He is sent to the king to beg for help and protection, only to find that things are more dire than he thought. The Dark Wizard has crafted a terrible spell. The ferocious creatures that once guarded the land and kept everyone safe are now terrorizing the kingdom! It's up to Tom to set the beasts free and break the evil spell.

    books;paperback books;paperbacks | Ages 7-10
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    Beast Quest #1: Ferno the Fire Dragon
    Ages 7-10 $4.99
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    Beast Quest #1: Ferno The Fire Dragon (Enriched EBK)

    Beast Quest #1: Ferno The Fire Dragon (Enriched EBK)

    by Adam Blade

    Dark forces are gathering in the kingdom of Avantia. Rivers run dry, crops burn, mountains crumble to the ground, and no one knows why. In one town, a young blacksmith's apprentice, Tom, knows that he is destined for something bigger. So when local crops are destroyed by fire, Tom volunteers to visit the king and ask for help. When he finally arrives at the castle, the king recognizes Tom's true nature the nature of a hero. Suddenly, Tom finds himself on a quest to save Ferno the Fire Dragon, a protector of the kingdom who is under a curse. But can he really succeed where the bravest knight in the kingdom has failed?

    Beast Quest #1: Ferno the Fire Dragon is the first of more than 80 books in the fantasy chapter book series written by the prolific storyteller Adam Blade. Internationally renowned artist Ezra Tucker brings the medieval fantasy to life with his detailed pencil illustrations.

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    books;ebooks;enriched ebooks | Ages 8-10
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    Beast Quest #1: Ferno The Fire Dragon (Enriched EBK)
    Ages 8-10 $2.99

Ferno the Fire Dragon

Author: Adam Blade

Illustrator: Ezra Tucker

Series: Beast Quest (Book #1)

Interest Level:

Lexile Framework:

Grade Level Equivalent:

Guided Reading Level:


Adventure, Series, Fantasy

Action and Adventure Heroes, Dragons and Mythical Creatures

About This Book

Strange things are happening in Tom's village. First, the horses were attacked. Then, the river dried up. Now, the last of the crops has mysteriously burnt to the ground. Everyone is terrified. But Tom isn't afraid. He's always dreamed of a quest — a real quest! — and vows to go to the king and bring help for them all.

But Tom soon learns that his village is not the only one in trouble. People are in trouble all over the kingdom. Hope is nearly lost. That is, until Tom is sent on the greatest quest of all — the Beast Quest.

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