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    39 Clues, The: Cahills vs. Vespers Book 5: Trust No One (Library Edition)

    39 Clues, The: Cahills vs. Vespers Book 5: Trust No One (Library Edition)

    by Linda Sue Park

    When seven members of their family were kidnapped, thirteen-year-old Dan Cahill and his older sister, Amy, got ready for the fight of their lives. But their enemy, a terrifying group known as the Vespers, remained frustratingly elusive. They stay in the shadows, picking off Cahills one by one.

    And now the Vespers have landed their most serious blow yet - a blow that strikes at the very heart of the Cahill family. Because Amy and Dan discover that there's a Vesper mole in their innermost circle. Amy and Dan need to smoke out the traitor before the next hostage dies. They have just days to discover who has their back...and who wants to sink a knife into it.

    CD | Grades 4-7
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    39 Clues, The: Cahills vs. Vespers Book 5: Trust No One (Library Edition)
    Grades 4-7 $49.99
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    by David Almond, Eion Colfer, Roddy Doyle, Deborah Ellis, Nick Hornby, Margo Lanagan, Gregory Maguire, Ruth Ozeki, Linda Sue Park, and Tim Wynne-Jones

    A video message from a dead person. A larcenous teenager. A man who can stick his left toe behind his head and in his ear. A boy who loses everything in World War II, and his brother who loses even more. And a family with a secret so big that it changes everything. Ten of the world's best-loved authors each contribute a chapter in the life of the mysterious George "Gee" Keane—photographer, soldier, adventurer, and enigma. Under different pens, a startling portrait emerges of a man, his family, and his gloriously complicated tangle of a life.

    Authors include Roddy Doyle, Ruth Ozeki, Margo Lanagan, Linda Sue Park, David Almond, Gregory Maguire, Tim Wynne-Jones, Deborah Ellis, Nick Hornby, and Eoin Colfer.

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    books;ebooks;ebooks | Ages 11-14
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    Ages 11-14 $5.99

Project Mulberry

Author: Linda Sue Park

Interest Level:

Lexile Framework:

Grade Level Equivalent:

Guided Reading Level:


General Fiction, Multicultural

Science Experiments and Projects, Prejudice and Tolerance Experiences, Understanding Self and Others, Asian and Asian American

About This Book

Julia, a Korean-American girl, doesn't want to do silkworms as a project for the state fair because she thinks it's "too Korean," but, she decides to go ahead with the project and becomes engrossed in caring for the silkwoms' eggs. However, when she realizes that the silkworms must die in order for their silk to be extracted, the reader realizes the extraordinary growth that Julia has experienced in her time doing the project. In this story, which covers issues such as prejudice, biology and conservatism, there is also an interesting dialogue between the protagonist, Julia, and the author, Linda Sue Park, on the author's ideas and on her writing process.

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