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    Samir and Yonatan

    Samir and Yonatan

    by Daniella Carmi

    In a novel that forces your child to see human faces behind enemy lines, Palestinian Samir lands in an Israeli hospital ward, trapped among people he blames for his brother's death. But as he gets to know his ward-mates, he realizes that he's not alone and that Israeli kids share his pain and conflicts. This award-winning novel encourages tolerance and stresses the importance of peace.

    Learning Highlights
    Introducing your child to the cultures and politics of the Middle East, this novel depicts the impact of war and prejudice and explores the meaning of friendship.

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    Samir and Yonatan
    Ages 8-12 $4.79
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    Samir and Yonatan

    Samir and Yonatan

    by Yael Lotan

    In a story of violence and reconciliation, a Palestinian boy in an Israeli hospital is trapped amidst the enemy he has been taught to fear. Nothing could be more frightening for Samir than to be among the very people he blames for his brother's death. Yet in this explosive atmosphere, he begins to learn the personal stories of the children around him. And there, he finds a new world and place for himself.

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    Samir and Yonatan
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Samir and Yonatan

Author: Danielle Carmi and Daniella Carmi

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Multicultural, Young Adult, Realistic Fiction

Middle East, Death, Grief, Loss, Prejudice and Tolerance Experiences, Kindness and Compassion, Middle Eastern and Middle Eastern American, Cleverness, Creativity and Imagination

About This Book

Samir is a young Palestinian boy who wishes for anything to happen — a bombing, an accident in the city square, anything — so that he won't have to go to the Israeli hospital to have surgery on his leg. Nothing occurs, though, and Samir soon finds himself in a hospital bed sharing a room with four other children each of whom has his/her own illnesses and troubles.

It is Yonatan, a boy with his arm in a metal cast and his nose always in an Astronomy book, in particular who captures his interest, speaking to Samir only at night once the other children have fallen asleep. He promises Samir that when Samir has had his surgery he will take him to Mars. How, Samir doesn't know, but in the quiet of the night the two boys plan a trip to the distant planet.

It is on this wondrous computer-generated trip with Yonatan that Samir begins to understand, and heal from, his brother Fadi's death. A trip where Samir can look at his world — a world of Palestinians and Israelis, sick people and healthy people — and see how simple it all really is, and how alike everyone really is.

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