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    Royal Diaries, The: Cleopatra (Enriched EBK)

    Royal Diaries, The: Cleopatra (Enriched EBK)

    by Gregory, Kristiana

    It is the winter of the year 57 BC in Alexandria, Egypt. Twelve-year-old Cleopatra is filled with dread for her father, King Ptolemy Auletes, Pharaoh of Egypt. The people of Egypt are angry about the king's mismanagement of the government's money and the unfair taxes he makes them pay. King Ptolemy is in danger of losing his throne. Worse, attempts have been made on his life. When her father goes into hiding, Cleopatra records in her diary how she fears for her own safety and hopes to survive to become queen of Egypt.

    A companion to the acclaimed Dear America series, The Royal Diaries is a groundbreaking series about real historical figures—young princesses, queens, and other female royals. Written by some of today's most acclaimed authors, these books also feature extra material that offers a glimpse into the time period—and may inspire kids to find out more!

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    books;ebooks;enriched ebooks | Ages 10-13
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    Royal Diaries, The: Cleopatra (Enriched EBK)
    Ages 10-13 $5.99
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    Royal Diaries, The: Catherine, the Great Journey, (EBK)

    Royal Diaries, The: Catherine, the Great Journey, (EBK)

    by Kristiana Gregory

    Fourteen-year-old Sophia is a princess living in the German state of Prussia. Although Sophia's father is a high-ranking general in the Prussian army, he is not of royal blood, and her mother has never been satisfied with their station in life. So she brings her daughter to the royal court in Moscow, where she may be chosen by Empress Elizabeth to marry her cousin Peter, Grand Duke of Russia.

    Sophia's family's honor and fortune depend on how she handles herself. Empress Elizabeth is the most powerful woman in all the land, known far and wide for her cruelty. One small misstep by Sophia; now known as Catherine; could mean disgrace and imprisonment for her family; or worse!

    Follow Catherine through the pages of her diary, as she records her experiences of separation from her family, arranged marriage, and betrayals. With strong characters and rich period details, Catherine's story will engage and delight fans of historical fiction.

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    books;ebooks;ebooks | Ages 10-13
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    Royal Diaries, The: Catherine, the Great Journey, (EBK)
    Ages 10-13 $5.99

Weetamoo, Heart of the Pocassets

Massachusetts — Rhode Island, 1653

Author: Patricia Clark Smith

Series: Royal Diaries

Interest Level:

Lexile Framework:

Grade Level Equivalent:

Guided Reading Level:


Diaries and Journals, Historical Fiction, Series

American History, Native American History, Leadership and Responsibility, Family Life

About This Book

In her first book for "The Royal Diaries," Patricia Clark Smith introduces the teenage Weetamoo, who will succeed her father to become chief of the Pocassets in seventeenth-century New England.

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