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    Children of the Red King #4: Charlie Bone and the Castle of Mirrors

    Children of the Red King #4: Charlie Bone and the Castle of Mirrors

    This long-awaited sequel to The New York Times and Book Sense bestseller, Charlie Bone and the Invisible Boy, is the fourth installment in the Children of the Red King Quintet. The previous three titles have been published to critical acclaim and the series continues to reach an ever-wider readership.

    Back in Bloor's Academy, Charlie's power takes on a new dimension. He meets a new gallery of characters, including Mr. Pilgrim's replacement, Tantalus Ebony, and the mysterious new student Joshua Tilpin, who appears to be magnetic. But not all is well. Billy has been adopted by the O'Gres, a child-hating couple, who carry with them a gray bag of oaths wherever they go, seducing Billy to sign an oath of obedience, before locking him up behind a force field in an odd place called The Passing House. Olivia has no shortage of mysteries, either. Upset and confused, she peels an apple to find that the peel never ends. All of these mysteries come together as Charlie and his friends solve the mystery of the Castle of Mirrors.

    Hardcover Book | Grades 4-7
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    Children of the Red King #4: Charlie Bone and the Castle of Mirrors
    Grades 4-7 $9.95
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    Charlie Bone and the Time Twister (Book 2)

    Charlie Bone and the Time Twister (Book 2)

    by Jenny Nimmo

    When a student at the mysterious Bloor's Academy - a school for students with magical powers - finds himself whisked forward in time, he encounters present-day student Charlie Bone. Will Charlie be able to hide this time-traveler from the teachers at Bloor's while he figures out a way to return him to the year 1916? Your independent reader won't want to miss the second installment in the thrilling Children of the Red King series.

    Page Turners
    Developing fluency and vocabulary, this favorite series explores friendship and school themes set against a magical backdrop.

    books;hardcover;hardcovers | Ages 9-12
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    Charlie Bone and the Time Twister (Book 2)
    Ages 9-12 $12.99

Charlie Bone and the Time Twister

The Time Twister

Author: Jenny Nimmo

Series: Children of the Red King

Interest Level:

Lexile Framework:

Grade Level Equivalent:

Guided Reading Level:


Fantasy, Series

Middle School, Magic and Supernatural, Extended Families

About This Book

In January, 1916, Henry Yewbeam picks up a mysterious glowing glass ball that comes rolling towards him while he is playing marbles. The ball is, in truth, a time twister that his nasty cousin Zeke has made sure Henry will find. The unsuspecting Henry gazes into the time twister and is transported far into the future where he meets Charlie Bone, his great nephew and reluctant student at Bloor's Academy where Henry's now ancient, but still nasty cousin, Ezekiel, lives. Charlie has to hide Henry from Ezekiel and from all the other members of the extended and malevolent Yewbeam and Bloor families while he figures out a way to send Henry back to 1916.

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