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    Hello Reader! Level 3: A Girl Named Helen Keller - Activity Sheet

    Hello Reader! Level 3: A Girl Named Helen Keller - Activity Sheet

    by Margo Lundell and Irene Trivas

    Scholastic’s downloadable worksheets for students offer a varied selection of tasks that require reading for meaning through many fun and strategic activities. The rich content of our title-specific blackline masters incorporates writing exercises, graphic organizers, deductive reasoning, critical thinking, vocabulary development, and much, much more. Through innovative exercises, students will enjoy a range of activities that require them to engage in post-reading reflections that include but are not limited to understanding character development, imagining new endings, connecting with text-based information, plus a focus on important age-appropriate reading strategies such as summarizing, comparing/contrasting, problem solving, synthesizing, determining cause and effect and many others. From phonics to fluency, the Scholastic downloadable worksheets offer meaningful engagement for students in grades K-12. Now available for a special selection of our most popular fiction and nonfiction paperbacks. Perfect for a learning center activity, skill reinforcement, take-home, informal self-assessment, and monitoring independent reading.

    Worksheet | Grades 1-3
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    Hello Reader! Level 3: A Girl Named Helen Keller - Activity Sheet
    Grades 1-3 $2.95
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    Hello Reader (1): Footprints in the Sand (EBK)

    Hello Reader (1): Footprints in the Sand (EBK)

    by CYNTHIA BENJAMIN and Jacqueline Rogers

    With gentle words and beautiful illustrations, this book introduces children to the tracks made by desert animals, including a Gila monster, a woodpecker, a desert spider, and a bobcat.

    The high-interest stories in the Hello Reader! series make reading fun! The stories have been tested for vocabulary and sentence length to help you make the right choice. Plus, a letter from an education specialist gives valuable advice on how to read to your child and listen to your child read to you.

    books;ebooks;ebooks | Ages 4-6
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    Hello Reader (1): Footprints in the Sand (EBK)
    Ages 4-6 $3.99

A Bug, a Bear, and a Boy

Author: David M. McPhail

Series: Hello Reader

Interest Level:

Lexile Framework:

Grade Level Equivalent:

Guided Reading Level:



Friends and Friendship

About This Book

In this touching and endearingly illustrated book about the quiet joys of friendship, a boy and his two very different friends, a bug and a bear, spend the day together, planting a garden, playing, and taking a bath.

Praise for A Bug, a Bear, and a Boy

"The endearing characters and occasional touches of humor make this an appealing book for beginning readers and for reading aloud to younger children." — Booklist

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