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    Common Ground

    Common Ground

    by Molly Bang and Molly Bang

    Conservation and responsible use of natural resources are at the heart of this simple tale of villagers learning to share and preserve their open space. "A timely, provocative message."—Kirkus

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    Paperback Book | Grades 2-4
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    Common Ground
    Grades 2-4 $3.71
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    Ocean Sunlight: How Tiny Plants Feed the Seas

    Ocean Sunlight: How Tiny Plants Feed the Seas

    by Molly Bang and Penny Chisholm

    In this timely book, award-winner Molly Bang uses her signature poetic language and dazzling illustrations to introduce the oceanic world. From tiny aquatic plants to the biggest whale or fish, Bang presents a moving, living picture of the miraculous balance sustaining each life cycle and food chain deep within our wondrous oceans.The book is co-authored by award-winning M.I.T. professor Penny Chisholm, a leading expert on ocean science.

    On land or in the deep blue sea, we are all connected - and we are all a part of a grand living landscape. Packed with clear, simple science, this informative, joyous book will help children understand and celebrate the astonishing role our oceans play in human life.


    Molly Bang has written and illustrated more than twenty books for young readers, including WHEN SOPHIE GETS ANGRY--REALLY, REALLY ANGRY...; TEN, NINE, EIGHT; and THE GREY LADY AND THE STRAWBERRY SNATCHER, each of which were Caldecott Honor books. Bang divides her time between Falmouth, Massachusetts, and Norther California.

    Penny Chisholm is a professor at MIT where she has been teaching Ecology for over thirty years. She and her students do research on phytoplankton¨tiny plants that feed all life in the oceans. Her research was most recently awarded the Agassiz Medal of the National Academy of Sciences.

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    books;hardcover books;hardcover picturebooks | Ages 4-8
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    Ocean Sunlight: How Tiny Plants Feed the Seas
    Ages 4-8 $13.29

Common Ground

The Water, Earth, and Air We Share

Author: Molly Bang

Illustrator: Molly Bang

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Environmental Conservation and Preservation, Habitats and Ecosystems, Natural Resources, Equality, Fairness, Justice, Communities and Ways of Life

About This Book

A simple story of our planet's natural resources with jewel-like paintings by Caldecott Honor author Molly Bang. Through the example of a shared village green and the growing needs of the townspeople who share it, Molly Bang presents the challenge of handling our planet's natural resources.

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