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    Dear America: Christmas After All

    Dear America: Christmas After All

    by Kathryn Lasky

    To twelve-year-old Minnie Swift, Christmas is not going to be the time of bounty she's used to. It is 1932 -- the middle of the Great Depression -- and jobs are scarce and Papa seems more worried each day. But when their orphaned cousin comes to live with them, the Swifts are quick to rearrange the beds and make room for her. Minnie, thrilled to have another youngster in the home, is resolved to make this Christmas memorable in spite of the hard times. Through her diary entries, Minnie captures the darkness of the Great Depression, the optimism of a small Midwestern family, the fortitude of the American spirit, and the magic of Christmas.


    Kathryn Lasky is the Newbery Honor-winning author of over one hundred books for children and young adults. Her beloved Guardians of Ga'Hoole fantasy series has sold more than 4 million copies, and she is the author of A TIME FOR COURAGE as well as the Daughters of the Sea series, the Wolves of the Beyond series, and other Dear America titles. Kathryn has also written a number of critically acclaimed nonfiction titles, such as BEYOND THE BURNING TIME and TRUE NORTH. She lives with her husband in Cambridge, MA.

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    Dear America: Christmas After All
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    Dear America: A Light in the Storm (Enriched EBK)

    Dear America: A Light in the Storm (Enriched EBK)

    by Karen Hesse

    It's 1861, the first year of the Civil War, and Amelia helps her family run a lighthouse. They live off the coast of Delaware, a state wedged between the warring North and South. Father used to command his own ship, but five years ago, he was stripped of its command for breaking the law by knowingly transporting a rebel slave.

    Now, Mother and Father argue constantly; and not just about President Lincoln, whom Mother despises. She cannot forgive Father for landing them on this island where work never ends and the wind never ceases, where the sand grinds between their teeth. Meanwhile, inspired by the lighthouse she loves, Amelia comes to feel that she is the light of her family. Can she keep burning bright so that Father and Mother, even in the darkness that surrounds them, come back together?

    Newbery Medal winner Karen Hesse deftly captures the conflict within Amelia's family, as well as the forces that tore the nation apart during the Civil War, in this enthralling and emotional tale.

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    books;ebooks;enriched ebooks | Ages 9-13
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    Dear America: A Light in the Storm (Enriched EBK)
    Ages 9-13 $9.99

Christmas After All

Christmas After All: The Great Depression Diary Of Minnie Swift

Author: Kathryn Lasky

Series: Dear America

Interest Level:

Lexile Framework:

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Guided Reading Level:


Diaries and Journals, Historical Fiction, Series

Great Depression, Christmas, Family Life, Survival

About This Book

At the age of twelve, Minnie Swift is living through one of the toughest times in America's history, The Great Depression. She keeps a detailed diary over the span of one Christmas month. Reflecting the sadness but also the optimism that characterized the time, this is an intimate portrait of a midwestern family's days and nights, ups and downs, triumphs and losses. It is the story of one family's persevering spirit.

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