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    My Brother Sam Is Dead

    My Brother Sam Is Dead

    by Christopher Collier;James Lincoln Collier

    Two brothers are torn apart and a bitter family battle ensues, caused by differing loyalties during the Revolutionary War. "Earns a place beside our best historical fiction."—Horn Book Mature content

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    Paperback Book | Grades 7-12
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    My Brother Sam Is Dead
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    Scholastic Book Guides: My Brother Sam Is Dead

    Scholastic Book Guides: My Brother Sam Is Dead

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    Scholastic Book Guides: My Brother Sam Is Dead
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My Brother Sam Is Dead

Author: Christopher Collier and James Lincoln Collier

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Young Adult

Siblings, Colonial and Revolutionary America, American Revolutionary War, Loyalty, Death, Grief, Loss, Patriotism

About This Book

This young adult novel, which successfully captures the pain of the Revolutionary War, is a fine example of historical fiction. The American Revolution was a war that divided families (English loyalists versus eager Patriots) and one of the families being torn apart is the Meeker family. Young Tim sees his 16-year-old brother join the militia to fight the British, while his father tries to remain loyal to the crown. Their hometown of Redding Ridge, Connecticut is a Tory town, and it is a constant struggle for the family to remain neutral. As the war progresses, Tim has to learn some very hard lessons: Life does not always follow the easiest and happiest course.

Readers will be drawn in by compelling characters, and also by the novel's well-crafted historical backdrop. The Collier brothers have written a story that reaches across historical boundaries, and has become a modern-day classic.

About the Author

James Lincoln Collier's most famous book, My Brother Sam Is Dead, won the Newbery Honor Book Award in 1974.

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