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    The Recess Queen

    The Recess Queen

    by Alexis O'Neill and Laura Huliska-Beith

    Watch out! Here comes Mean Jean the Recess Queen, pushing and smooshing all the kids in school. But when a new girl shows up on the playground and asks Mean Jean to jump rope, the two quickly become best friends. Your young student will love this playground tale filled with colorful, funny collage and acrylic illustrations that bring the story to life.

    Learning Benefits
    This tale of friendship teaches the importance of kindness and bravery in the face of bullying.

    Hardcover Book | Grades PreK-2
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    The Recess Queen
    Grades PreK-2 $16.95
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The Recess Queen

Author: Alexis O'Neill

Illustrator: Laura Huliska-Beith

Interest Level:

Lexile Framework:

Grade Level Equivalent:


Conflict Resolution, Bullying Experiences, Recess, Friends and Friendship, Elementary School

About This Book

In this sassy playground romp the irrepressible new kid dethrones the reigning recess bully by doing the unthinkable — she invites her to be her friend!

Not only will kids relate to the all-too-common issue of bullying, but parents and teachers will appreciate the story's deft handling of conflict resolution (achieved without adult intervention).

Mean Jean was Recess Queen
and nobody said any different.
Nobody swung until Mean Jean swung.
Nobody kicked until Mean Jean kicked.
Nobody bounced until Mean Jean bounced.
If kids ever crossed her, she'd push 'em and smoosh 'em
lollapaloosh 'em, hammer 'em, slammer 'em
kitz and kajammer 'em.
Until a new kid came to school!

With her irrepressible spirit, the new girl dethrones the reigning recess bully by becoming her friend in this infectious playground romp.


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