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    Give Me Liberty

    Give Me Liberty

    by L. M. Elliott

    Thirteen-year-old Nathaniel Dunn is an indentured servant in colonial Virginia. Life is hard, and it's about to get harder when Nathaniel is sold. But in a twist of luck, he meets Basil, a kind, elderly schoolmaster. An arrangement is struck lending Nathaniel's labor to a Williamsburg carriage maker with strong loyalist ties in a town increasingly led by patriots such as Thomas Jefferson. Basil introduces Nathaniel to music, books, and philosophies that open his mind and heart to daring new attitudes on equality.

    The year is 1775. Colonists are enraged by England's taxation. When Virginia organizes a protest embargo of British goods, patriots and loyalists clash. Soon Patrick Henry's impassioned words ""give me liberty, or give me death"" become the sounding call. Should Nathaniel and Basil join the fight? And what is the meaning of "liberty" in a country that depends on indentured servants and slaves? Nathaniel grapples with the choices a dawning nation lays before him and the possibility of facing his closest friend in battle as the American Revolution explodes in Virginia.

    L. M. Elliott's gripping account captures the hopes and dilemmas of a boy caught up in this crucial turning point in American history.

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    Give Me Liberty
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    Cowboys of the Wild West

    Cowboys of the Wild West

    by Russell Freedman

    A riveting portrait of cowboys driving herds on the dust trails in the late 1800s. Discover how they lived, what they wore, what they ate, and recollections from real cowboys. Complemented by more than 50 great photos.

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    Paperback Book | Grades 6-8
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    Cowboys of the Wild West
    Grades 6-8 $5.96
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Give Me Liberty!

The Story of the Declaration of Independence

Author: Russell Freedman

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Historic Documents, Colonial and Revolutionary America

About This Book

Drafted in 1776, the Declaration of Independence remains one of our nation's most significant documents. But do you know the real story behind the events leading up to this critical moment in history?

Russell Freedman's Give Me Liberty! The Story of the Declaration of Independence recounts the American colonists' arduous journey to freedom in a richly detailed narrative, complete with prints and illustrations. It is astonishing that a document as awe-inspiring as the Declaration of Independence could be produced under the conditions outlined in this book. While bad news trickled in from the Continental Army, delegates worked together to unite the colonies in revolution against Mother England. Reading Freedman's words, the reader is transported back in time and ready to join the fight for independence.

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