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    I SPY Little Numbers

    I SPY Little Numbers

    by Jean Marzollo and Walter Wick

    Hunt for numbers with your child in the fourth book in the I SPY little board book series. Jean Marzollo's simple rhymes introduce the concept of numbers, while bright picture clues allow little ones to have fun on an I SPY hunt. This engaging, age-appropriate book also encourages visual discrimination and object identification.

    books;board books;board picturebooks | Ages 2-5
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    I SPY Little Numbers
    Ages 2-5 $6.99
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    Walter Wick's Optical Tricks Anniversary Edition

    Walter Wick's Optical Tricks Anniversary Edition

    by Walter Wick

    From the creator of the I Spy books and the award-winning, irresistibly aquatic A Drop of Water comes Walter Wick's Optical Tricks. Optical illusions abound in Wick's stunning color photographs--tricking the brain into pursuing phantom images. In the opening spread, entitled "First Impressions," we see a white glob of smashed clay, with sunken impressions of objects such as buttons, screws, and chess pieces. But when you turn the page upside down, the clay impressions seem to pop out! In the second spread, "Mirror Magic," you see a collection of objects such as a billiard ball, a die, and a wooden block in the shape of the number 4. The billiard ball, also a number 4, is reflected backward in the mirror, but the block number 4 is not. Why not? Fortunately, readers can flip to the back of the book, where Wick explains the illusions in his refreshingly straightforward and concise manner.

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    books;hardcover books;hardcover picturebooks | Ages 4-8
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    Walter Wick's Optical Tricks Anniversary Edition
    Ages 4-8 $12.97

I SPY School Days

A Book of Picture Riddles

Author: Jean Marzollo

Illustrator: Walter Wick

Photographs by: Walter Wick

Series: I SPY Classics

Interest Level:




About This Book

School's open for I Spy fans, with a fun learning activity on every page. Readers will find a blackboard scene with brainteasers to solve, a classification puzzle to ponder, a nature scene to explore, and much, much more!

About the Author

Jean Marzollo is best known as the author of the I Spy series.

Walter Wick's photographic tricks have captivated fans of his books, including the I Spy series.

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