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    Julius Lester (Similes): Teaching Writing With Mentor Texts (Grades 1-3)

    Julius Lester (Similes): Teaching Writing With Mentor Texts (Grades 1-3)

    “My advice for someone who wants to be a writer is to read, read, read. It is important to know what others have written. It is important to learn the possibilities of things to write about and the ways to write about them. There is no substitute for reading everything you can get your hands on.” –Julius Lester

    This dynamic unit matches a favorite author (and their works) to a writing topic, using favorite picture books as powerful models to teach key writing skills! Includes a "Strong Similes" graphic organizer, writing center ideas, guided and independent writing activities, connections to the standards, and more!

    ePage | Grades 1-3
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    Julius Lester (Similes): Teaching Writing With Mentor Texts (Grades 1-3)
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    John Henry

    John Henry

    by Julius Lester and Jerry Pinkney

    Based on the famous African American folk ballad "John Henry, " this story tells of the legendary contest to the death between a spirited man with a hammer and a steam drill to build a tunnel through the Allegheny Mountains of West Virginia.

    Hardcovers | Grades PreK-4
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    John Henry
    Grades PreK-4 $17.95
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Black Cowboy, Wild Horses

A True Story

Author: Julius Lester

Illustrator: Jerry Pinkney

Interest Level:

Lexile Framework:

Grade Level Equivalent:


Historical Fiction

African American, Farm and Ranch Animals, Farm and Ranch Life

About This Book

Bob Lemmons is famous for his ability to track wild horses. He rides his horse, Warrior, picks up the trail of mustangs, then runs with them day and night until they accept his presence. Bob and Warrior must then challenge the stallion for leadership of the wild herd. A victorious Bob leads the mustangs across the wide plains and for one last spectacular run before guiding them into the corral. Bob's job is done, but he dreams of galloping with Warrior forever — to where the sky and land meet. This splendid collaboration by an award-winning team captures the beauty and harshness of the frontier, a boundless arena for the struggle between freedom and survival. Based on accounts of Bob Lemmons, a former slave, Black Cowboy, Wild Horses has been rewritten as a picture book by Julius Lester from his story "The Man Who Was a Horse" in Long Journey Home, first published by Dial in 1972.

About the Author

In 1971 Julius Lester joined the faculty of the University of Massachusetts/Amherst, where he is presently a full professor in the Judaic and Near Eastern Studies Department and adjunct professor in the English and History departments. He also serves as lay religious leader of Beth-El Synagogue in St. Johnsbury, Vermont.

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