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    United Tates of America

    United Tates of America

    by Paula Danziger

    Danziger brings her trademark wit and wisdom to this bittersweet story of losing a loved one and finding the courage to carry on. Skate Tate has just started middle school and everything's changing—and only her close-knit family can comfort her. When her uncle and greatest support dies unexpectedly, Skate must deal with a very painful change.

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    Paperback Book | Grades 5-7
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    United Tates of America
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    CLEARANCE: Amber Brown Grades 2-4

    CLEARANCE: Amber Brown Grades 2-4

    by Paula Danziger and Tony Ross

    Third-grade heroine Amber Brown brings a spunky and insightful attitude to realistic challenges that kids can relate to in these favorite, highly readable early chapter books.

    See below for complete list of titles. Appropriate titles of equal value may be substituted if any of the listed titles are unavailable at shipping time.

    Title list:
    • Amber Brown Is Feeling Blue
    • Amber Brown Is Green With Envy
    • Amber Brown Is Not a Crayon
    • I, Amber Brown
    • You Can't Eat Your Chicken Pox, Amber Brown

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    Paperback Book Collection | Grades 2-4
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    CLEARANCE: Amber Brown Grades 2-4
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The Cat Ate My Gymsuit

Author: Paula Danziger

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Equality, Fairness, Justice, Middle School, Adolescent Issues, Coming of Age

About This Book

Marcy Lewis is bored by school; her father tyrannizes both Marcy and her mother; she despairs of ever being thin; she is certain she'll never have a date and that a horrible case of acne will break out any minute. Then along comes Ms. Finney, an English teacher willing to try anything in the classroom. Above all, she is accessible and human. Marcy has never met anyone like her, and suddenly life in and out of school begins to have a purpose.

When Ms. Finney is suspended because of her controversial teaching methods and her refusal to pledge allegiance to the flag, the whole school is thrown into an uprorat. Now out of her protective shell, Marcy helps to organize a protest, and she too is suspended. With her mother firmly on her side, her father violently opposed, Marcy must decide whether her fight for Ms. Finney and the values she stands for is worth the price she must pay at home and in school.

About the Author

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