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    Freight Train by Donald Crews: Reading Response Road Map

    Freight Train by Donald Crews: Reading Response Road Map

    Take a navigated journey through a picture book! Use this reading response map as your guide through Donald Crews' Freight Train.

    In this story, named a Caldecott Honor Book in 1978, Donald Crews' book evokes the power and the movement of a passing freight train even for someone who has never had the opportunity to watch one go by. This book aligns with Guided Reading Level G, and introduces such topics as colors and railroads.

    On the reading response map, prompts in text boxes, along with art cues, guide students’ comprehension about the story they are reading. The prompts help students to build comprehension skills, such as:

    • recalling events
    • describing characters
    • predicting outcomes
    • exploring cause-and-effect relationships
    • making personal connections,
    • and more!

    ePage | Grades K-2
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    Freight Train by Donald Crews: Reading Response Road Map
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    Teaching Reading With Donald Crews Books

    Teaching Reading With Donald Crews Books

    by Pamela Chanko

    Donald Crews books tap children's fascination with the exciting motion of everyday life; their bold, graphic artwork and simple text make them perfect springboards for teaching early reading skills. These creative lessons and activities help children build background knowledge and language skills and relate what they read to their own experiences. Lessons also focus on concepts of print, using predictable text and picture cues, and more.

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    eBook | Grades PreK-1
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    Teaching Reading With Donald Crews Books
    Grades PreK-1 $7.79
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Author: Donald Crews

Illustrator: Donald Crews

Interest Level:

Grade Level Equivalent:

Guided Reading Level:



Transportation, Jobs, Careers, Work

About This Book

A bright red, big-rig truck has a job to do. From a loading dock, its cargo doors close on a shipment of bicycles stacked in boxes over a half dozen high. The truck pulls up to a stop sign at the first intersection, waits for the traffic to clear, and then with a rev of the engine, the truck pulls forward. Diesel smoke belches from its exhaust pipes. The traffic is bumper to bumper when the truck passes through a tunnel, just barely fitting under the 12 and a half feet maximum height.

Another blast of diesel and the truck is out of the tunnel and on the open road, where it passes other trucks, stops at an all-night diner, pushes on through rain and meandering highways until finally reaching its destination. The bikes are loaded off on pallets at a depot and the truck is ready for its next orders.

Donald Crews was awarded a Caldecott Honor for this simple, straightforward story of a truck that is forever moving, well, "straight forward." Beginning readers are sure to pick up words and letters along the truck's journey, such as the trucking sign on the truck itself, the road signs and landmarks. In bold illustrations Crews offers an introduction to both modes of transportation and how goods get from one place to another.

A Caldecott Honor Book

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