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    CLEARANCE: Jan Brett Grades K-3

    CLEARANCE: Jan Brett Grades K-3

    by Jan Brett

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    Set Includes:
    • The Easter Egg
    • The Hat
    • Hedgie Blasts Off!
    • The Mitten

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    Paperback Book Collection | Grades K-3
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    CLEARANCE: Jan Brett Grades K-3
    Grades K-3 $13.90
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    Teaching With Favorite Jan Brett Books

    Teaching With Favorite Jan Brett Books

    by Jacqueline Clarke

    Peck and McIntosh share a rich teaching approach that maximizes student learning and facilitates classroom management: multisensory instruction. By teaching students how to process visual, auditory, and tactile-kinesthetic sensory input, they help students manage themselves and their behavior. By designing lessons that engage students’ senses, they ensure that all students will connect to the content. Using this two-pronged approach, the authors show how to create a supportive classroom environment and design effective lessons. The result is a dynamic classroom in which learning soars.

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    eBook | Grades K-2
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    Teaching With Favorite Jan Brett Books
    Grades K-2 $7.79
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The Hat

Author: Jan Brett

Illustrator: Jan Brett

Interest Level:

Lexile Framework:

Grade Level Equivalent:

Guided Reading Level:


Comedy and Humor

Clothes and Getting Dressed, Farm and Ranch Life

About This Book

In this companion volume to Jan Brett's The Mitten, more unexpected troubles and hilarious outcomes go hand-in-hand with an item of clothing.

Hedgie the Hedgehog is much too curious for his own good, and soon learns a very important lesson about not minding one's own business. It is here where Brett's intricate, trademark border art makes this a book with layered storylines: At the same time that Hedgie's goofing around by himself, a young girl named Lisa is hanging her red-and-white woolen stockings on the clothesline. Brett's illustrations of her appear in the border, surrounding the larger illustration of Hedgie. This allows readers to sneak a peek at what Lisa is doing, and also see what she can't! As one of Lisa's stockings is whisked away by the wind, Hedgie finds it and soon begins poking his nose inside of it. Then he puts his entire head inside of it and realizes that he's unable to get it off! Now Hedgie looks as if he's wearing a very goofy hat. All of his animal friends come by and can't help laughing at him. When Lisa finally realizes that her stocking is missing, she soon appears within the main artwork. When she spots Hedgie wearing his "hat," she helps him out of it and reminds him that animals aren't supposed to wear clothes.

Brett's illustrations of the Scandinavian landscape are magical, and leave readers feeling quietly satisfied. A real treat at any time of year.

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