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    Slam Dunk!

    Slam Dunk!

    by Sharon Robinson

    Elijah is settling into his new school and basketball team in Harlem—with some new friends, and new challenges, too. "An amiable story about friends who stay that way."—Booklist

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    Paperback Book | Grades 5-7
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    Slam Dunk!
    Grades 5-7 $4.49
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    STAT #3: Slam Dunk (EBK)

    STAT #3: Slam Dunk (EBK)

    by Amar'e Stoudemire and Tim Jessell

    Eleven-year-old Amar'e Stoudemire has been playing so much basketball lately it feels like he doesn't have time to do all the things he used to love. His team needs him, because he is one of the best players on the court, despite also being one of the youngest.

    When some of the older kids get on Amar'e for not being able to dunk, he sets a goal to make that happen soon. But when Amar'e's playing time is put on hold, he'll have to come to terms with all of the other things he's been neglecting.

    This book is based on the life of All-Star NBA sensation Amar'e Stoudemire, who overcame many obstacles to become one of the most popular figures in sports.

    books;ebooks;ebooks | Ages 8-10
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    STAT #3: Slam Dunk (EBK)
    Ages 8-10 $5.99

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Basketball, Achievement and Success, Challenges and Overcoming Obstacles, Anger, School Sports, African American, Friends and Friendship, Responsibility, High School, Substance Abuse Experiences, Violence and Crime

About This Book

Seventeen-year-old Greg "Slam" Harris can do it all on the basketball court. He's quick enough to handle the point guard slot and, as his tag implies, he can slam dunk at will. His temper is like his game, hard and fast.

Slam's grades aren't so hot, though. He knows it, but he doesn't want to hear it. And when his teachers jam his troubles in his face, he blows up.

Slam has seen ballplayers come and go and knows he could be one of the lucky ones. Maybe he'll make it all the way to the big arenas, or maybe, like his man Ice, he'll stumble along the way. He never doubted himself on the court until he found himself going one-on-one with his own future, and he didn't have the ball.

Newbery Honor author Walter Dean Myers calls on his own Harlem background in this raw and gritty story of a young basketball player coming of age and trying to make it on the unforgiving courts of the city.

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