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    Phonics Tales!: That Cat Max

    Phonics Tales!: That Cat Max

    by Liza Charlesworth and Stephen Lewis

    Another great title from Scholastic. Detailed description coming soon.

    $2.45 You save: 30%
    Paperback Book | Grades PreK-2
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    Phonics Tales!: That Cat Max
    Grades PreK-2 $2.45
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    Vocabulary Tales

    Vocabulary Tales

    by Liza Charlesworth

    Expand kids' vocabularies with these special books that teach 200+ essential words in the context of charming stories! This unique program relies on the latest research—including age-perfect definitions, themed word lists, and hands-on activities—to stimulate learning and ensure retention. Includes a BIG teaching guide filled with easy lessons, fun worksheets, and reproducible versions of each storybook. A great way to help every child in your class become a better reader, writer, and speaker!
    The Set Contains these Titles:
    One of a Kind / all-about-me words
    Dinner Time! / family words
    Emily and Mortimer / friendship words
    Little Piggy's Big Day / neighborhood words
    Bear Goes Shopping / shopping words
    School Rules/school words
    Kit Visits Kat / transportation word
    Safely Ever After / safety words
    I Need a Pet / animal words
    Katie the Caterpillar / insect words
    Seymour the Scaredy Shark / ocean words
    Dinosaur Days / dinosaur words
    A Plant of My Own / plant words
    Going to Grandma's / weather words
    Squirrel's Tree / season words
    Protect the Earth / environmental words;
    Grace in Space / space words
    A Gift for Giraffe / measurement words
    I Love Popcorn! / five senses words
    Kitty Breaks the Bank / money words
    Tortoise Goes to Camp/ computer words
    Callie Stays Up Late / time words
    The Sandcastle Contest / shape words
    Silly Monkey in the Science Lab / science words
    The Monster Chef/ cooking words

    • 25 16-page storybook
    • 144-page Teaching Guide
    • Sturdy Storage Unit

    $46.79 You save: 40%
    Boxed Set | Grades K-1
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    Vocabulary Tales
    Grades K-1 $46.79
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Word Family Tales: When Zelda Zink Spilled Purple Ink (-ink)

Author: Liza Charlesworth

Interest Level:

About This Book

About the Author

Liza Charlesworth is a poet and the author of several books for children and teachers including 100 Awesome Writing Activities to Use With Any Book (Scholastic, 2001).

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