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    A Dog and his Girl Mysteries: Dead Man's Best Friend

    A Dog and his Girl Mysteries: Dead Man's Best Friend

    by Sarah Hines-Stephens;Jane B. Mason

    The second exciting installment of A Dog and His Girl Mysteries!

    Cassie's mom, an exemplary officer and model of integrity, is suspended from the force pending an investigation, and won't say why. It's an awkward situation for the police, for the town, for the mayor, and especially for Cassie. Having her mom (who is dealing with her stress by micromanaging her family) home 24/7 is seriously cramping her style. To get her out of their hair, Cassie and Dodge take the case. They've got to clear Chief Sullivan's name, save her reputation, and get her back to work before she drives them all nuts.

    The girl/dog detective duo has no idea what they are getting into. A "borrowed" police file reveals that Cassie's mom is being accused of negligence in ordering a raid that ended in the death of an officer. Cassie can't believe her mom would make that kind of mistake. But even harder to swallow is that fact that the officer who died was Dodge's first partner and the chief's brother in law...

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    Paperback Book | Grades 3-5
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    A Dog and his Girl Mysteries: Dead Man's Best Friend
    Grades 3-5 $4.49
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    Spy Society: Disguised & Dangerous

    Spy Society: Disguised & Dangerous

    by Jane B. Mason;Sarah Hines Stephens

    A group of friends makes the discovery of a lifetime when they find a purse with special contents. Everything looks normal, but each item actually has secret spy qualities.

    $3.38 You save: 25%
    Paperback Book | Grades 4-6
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    Spy Society: Disguised & Dangerous
    Grades 4-6 $3.38
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The Sister Switch

Author: Jane B. Mason and Sarah Hines-Stephens

Series: Candy Apple (Book #11)

Interest Level:

Lexile Framework:

Grade Level Equivalent:


Comedy and Humor

Siblings, Lying, Individuality, Middle School, Fitting In

About This Book

Twins Andie and Caitlin are best friends but they couldn't be more different. Andie loves sports and hanging out with her friends — Caitlin is passionate about music and loves learning at school.

Now that junior high is starting, the girls will finally get a chance to pave their own way. They can't wait!

But when Caitlin discovers she'll have to pass a fitness test or spend every day after school doing gym, she fears her year is ruined before it even begins.

The girls make the switch. While Andie passes the fitness assessment for Caitlin, Caitlin goes to class for Andie. Everything goes great — maybe TOO great. Now it seems like the girls keep wanting to change places "just one more time." With each switch the girls get in deeper. Will they be able to straighten things out before they're in over their heads?

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