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    Leo the Snow Leopard

    Leo the Snow Leopard

    by Craig Hatkoff;Isabella Hatkoff;Juliana Hatkoff

    When Leo was less than seven weeks old, he became orphaned in the snowy Himalayan mountains in Pakistan. Snow leopards need their mothers during the first two years of their lives, but Leo was all alone. Luckily, the cub was rescued by a kind shepherd and his family, who hand-fed Leo and kept him safe. But Leo quickly grew too large and was given to Pakistani authorities, who also found themselves without the resources to help him. When the Wildlife Conservation Society learned of Leo's plight, they knew they had to do something. There was a special place that could save Leo: the world famous Bronx Zoo in New York, the leading experts on caring for and breeding the critically endangered snow leopard. After a rescue that involved a treacherous, winding trek in the Himalayas, an extraordinary partnership between Pakistan and the United States, and the help of dozens of dedicated people, Leo is making the Bronx Zoo his new home, where he is thriving and learning how to be a snow leopard again.

    Readers will delight to make a place in their hearts for Leo, one little snow leopard who inspired an international community to help save him. With breaktaking photographs, Leo the Snow Leopard is an extraordinary story about bravery, kindness, and the wonderful things that can happen when people come together to solve a problem.

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    Leo the Snow Leopard
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    Owen y Mzee

    Owen y Mzee

    by Craig Hatkoff;Isabelle Hatkoff;Dr. Paula Kahumbu

    The remarkable true story of love and friendship between a baby hippo that was orphaned after the tsunami, and a 130-year-old giant tortoise. "Full of heart and hope."—SLJ

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    Paperback Book | Grades 3-4
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    Owen y Mzee
    Grades 3-4 $5.59
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Owen and Mzee

The Language of Friendship

Author: Isabella Hatkoff , Craig Hatkoff and Dr. Paula Kahumbu

Photographs by: Peter Greste

Series: Owen And Mzee

Interest Level:

Lexile Framework:

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Series, Animal Stories

Friends and Friendship, Hippos and Rhinos, Turtles, Africa, Animal Behavior and Structure

About This Book

In this exciting follow-up to Owen & Mzee, the New York Times bestselling story about an orphaned baby hippo named Owen and the 130-year-old giant turtle, Mzee, Craig Hatkoff explores the language of love, friendship, and nurturance that these two incredible creatures share with one another. This book traces their first year together, including their adorable playful ways and the unique "language" that they have developed.

* "Those who were captivated by Owen & Mzee: The True Story of a Remarkable Friendship...will find this follow-up equally mesmerizing." — Publishers Weekly, starred review

"The photographs continue to be quite wonderful… Eager young readers can catch right up and be mesmerized, mystified and charmed." — Kirkus Reviews


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