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    Star Crossed

    Star Crossed

    by Elizabeth C. Bunce

    In a glamorous castle full of Llyvraneth's elite, Celyn Contrare serves as a lady-in-waiting to shy young Merista Nemair. Her days are spent dressing in velvet, attending Lady Merista, navigating court gossip, and charming noblemen over lavish feasts.

    And at night, she picks locks, steals jewels, forges documents, and collects secrets. Because Celyn isn't really a lady-in-waiting; she's not even really Celyn Contrare. She's Digger, a sneak-thief on the run from the king's Inquisition, desperate to escape its cruel instruments and hatred of magic. If she's discovered, it will mean her certain death.

    But life as a lady-in-waiting isn't safe either. The devious Lord Daul knows her secret, and he's blackmailing her to serve as his personal spy in the castle. What she discovers—about Daul, about the Nemair, even about her own Lady Merista—could signal civil war in Llyvraneth. And for a thief trained never to get involved, taking sides could be the most dangerous job yet.

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    Hardcovers | Grades 7-12
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    Star Crossed
    Grades 7-12 $12.59
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    Candy Apple Grades 6-8

    Candy Apple Grades 6-8

    by Various

    Middle school is full of fun and challenges for the girls in this popular series! "Convincingly conveys the social pressures…A cheer-worthy blend of fluff and substance." - Publishers Weekly

    See below for complete list of titles. Appropriate titles of equal value may be substituted if any of the listed titles are unavailable at shipping time.

    Title list:
    • Accidentally Famous
    • I've Got a Secret
    • Miss Popularity
    • The Sweetheart Deal

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    Paperback Book Collection | Grades 6-8
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    Candy Apple Grades 6-8
    Grades 6-8 $16.75
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Author: Mimi McCoy

Series: Candy Apple (Book #15)

Interest Level:

Lexile Framework:

Grade Level Equivalent:


Comedy and Humor, Series, Realistic Fiction

Friends and Friendship, Middle School

About This Book

A fabulous new title from Mimi McCoy, author of Candy Apple's debut title!

Abby has it all together: She gets straight A's, she's a star on her junior high track team, and she's 7th grade class vice president. But when a fun trip to an astrologer gets Abby hooked on reading her horoscope, she starts to get superstitious. Things begin to go awry at school and at home, and soon Abby has to wonder: Do the stars have it in for her?

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