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    Dirty Liar

    Dirty Liar

    by Brian James

    Benji has to escape his home. His mother's boyfriend has crossed the line, and Benji can't deal with it anymore. So he leaves behind everything he knows to go live with his father and stepmother in Portland. His stepmother is nice, but he doesn't trust her. His father is testy, refusing to trust Benji. And Benji...he's just trying not to self-destruct. In this spellbingind novel, Brian james surpasses his previous work to take his place among Adam Rapp, Melvin Burgess, and Kevin Brooks on the razor's edge of teen literature.

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    Paperback Book | Grades 9-12
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    Dirty Liar
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    Dirty Liar

    Dirty Liar

    by Brian James

    Benji moves in with his emotionally distant father and well-meaning stepmother, Janet, to escape his alcoholic mothers boyfriends sexual abuse. Unfortunately, he cant escape his demons. He spends his days at his Oregon high school scribbling his misery in notebooks and getting stoned with other misfits. His only hopeful thoughts are of Lacie, the troubled girl he left behind. These feelings become conflicted when he is attracted to Rianna, a popular girl from a poor family who works hard to achieve the goals set by her parents. Benjis inner turmoil, though authentic to his situation, grows tiresome, and the plot becomes mired in overwritten self-flagellation. Jamess female characters shine; Rianna and Lacie are both sharply drawn in relatively few strokes. Earnest, levelheaded Janet is the unlikely heroine, and her gentle absolution when Benji confesses his abuse defies centuries of stepmother stereotyping.

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    Dirty Liar
    Ages 14 and Up $7.99

A Purrfect Princess

Author: Brian James

Series: CatKid (Book #3)

Interest Level:

Grade Level Equivalent:


Comedy and Humor, Series

Bullying Experiences, Elementary School

About This Book

Spunk and personality make CatKid a natural performer, so she's the star of the class production of "Snow White." Pretending to be in a deep sleep is nothing compared to having to act like Billy the Bully is Prince Charming. Illustrations.

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