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    Rain Forest Animals

    Rain Forest Animals

    by Carolyn Franklin


    • Stunning illustrations enhance science learning
    • Lively text and engaging questions prompt discussion and pique reader interest
    • Pronunciation guides help with unfamiliar names
    • Special acetate pages provide vibrant, surprising details
    • Correlates to grade-level science curriculum
    • Meets Reading First funding requirements


      7/1/08 School Library Journal
      Designed to appeal to browsers, these volumes use a question-and-answer format to provide general overviews. Varied page layouts have an effective combination of white space and color paintings. Two acetate pages in each book allow see-through viewing for a different perspective (for example, in Ocean Life, a shell-encrusted rock on one of the acetate pages lifts to show animals that live at the bottom of a rock pool). Many spreads include a small box with a true-or-false question (answers can be found at the end of the book). Rain Forest considers only those in tropical areas. Dinosaurs shows the size of each animal compared to a human adult. These titles are worth considering as supplementary materials...


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      Library Binding | Grades 1-4
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    Rain Forest Animals
    Grades 1-4 $21.75
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    Rainbow Magic—The Earth Fairies: Lily the Rain Forest Fairy

    Rainbow Magic—The Earth Fairies: Lily the Rain Forest Fairy

    by Daisy Meadows

    Fairy fans will adore this whimsical and lighthearted chapter book series, with a special fairy at the center of the story.

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    Paperback Book | Grades PreK-2
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    Rainbow Magic—The Earth Fairies: Lily the Rain Forest Fairy
    Grades PreK-2 $3.74
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Rain Forest

Author: Helen Cowcher

Interest Level:

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Environmental Conservation and Preservation, Forests and Rainforests, Jungle and Rainforest Animals, Habitats and Ecosystems, Water Cycle

About This Book

Deep in the rain forest, creatures make their home in the trees and on the ground. Some of them fly, like toucans and blue morpho butterflies. Others, like tapirs and anteaters, walk. They each have everything they need, and live happily . . . until one day, men arrive with machines to cut down trees and clear away land. Even the jaguar, the fiercest animal of them all, is frightened, and the animals retreat ever deeper into the shrinking interior. But then the rains come. The animals know enough to move to higher ground, but the men continue in their machines, tearing down trees. Without the trees and their roots, there is nothing to hold the soil down and the riverbank is washed away. A powerful flood is unleashed and the men and their machines are pulled under to their doom.

Helen Cowcher's simple yet powerful story presents one basic truth — destruction of the rain forest brings peril to animals and mankind alike. It is the rain forest that protects them so long as it, too, remains protected. With illustrations bursting with color and life, Helen Cowcher does honor to this amazing and precious ecosystem.

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