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    Rain Forest Relay

    Rain Forest Relay

    by Kristin Earhart

    On a once-in-a-lifetime race through the animal kingdom, it takes smarts, strength, and skill to win! This action-packed series is bursting with facts about creatures, habitats, maps, and more!

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    Paperback Book | Grades 3-4
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    Rain Forest Relay
    Grades 3-4 $3.49
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    Tropical Rain Forest (Folding Manipulative): Animal Habitats

    Tropical Rain Forest (Folding Manipulative): Animal Habitats

    Unfold the layers of a tropical rain forest to discover the animals and plants that live there!

    A first look at habitats around the world that meets the life science curriculum standards, and includes the following:

    • background information
    • easy-to-follow instructions for assembly
    • discussion questions for after reading
    • activities to extend learning
    • related books and web sites
    • an easy-to-print, color, and assemble folding manipulative template

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    ePage | Grades 2-3
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    Tropical Rain Forest (Folding Manipulative): Animal Habitats
    Grades 2-3 $0.69
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Rain Forest

Author: Helen Cowcher

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Environmental Conservation and Preservation, Forests and Rainforests, Jungle and Rainforest Animals, Habitats and Ecosystems, Water Cycle

About This Book

Deep in the rain forest, creatures make their home in the trees and on the ground. Some of them fly, like toucans and blue morpho butterflies. Others, like tapirs and anteaters, walk. They each have everything they need, and live happily . . . until one day, men arrive with machines to cut down trees and clear away land. Even the jaguar, the fiercest animal of them all, is frightened, and the animals retreat ever deeper into the shrinking interior. But then the rains come. The animals know enough to move to higher ground, but the men continue in their machines, tearing down trees. Without the trees and their roots, there is nothing to hold the soil down and the riverbank is washed away. A powerful flood is unleashed and the men and their machines are pulled under to their doom.

Helen Cowcher's simple yet powerful story presents one basic truth — destruction of the rain forest brings peril to animals and mankind alike. It is the rain forest that protects them so long as it, too, remains protected. With illustrations bursting with color and life, Helen Cowcher does honor to this amazing and precious ecosystem.

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