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    Perfect Poetry Playlets

    Perfect Poetry Playlets

    by Jacqueline Sweeney

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    Build key speaking and fluency skills as you expose students to the rich wonders of poetry with this unique collection of reproducible playlets—complete with read-aloud parts for all of your students! These kid-pleasing topics correlate with the calendar so you can find the perfect one to celebrate every season. And here’s more good news: Each poetry play includes an easy lesson plan to help you teach the essentials of poetic form PLUS terrific tips for presenting the plays in your classroom. A captivating way to meet the Common Core State Standards! 80 pages.

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    Professional Book | Grades 3-5
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    Perfect Poetry Playlets
    Grades 3-5 $9.74
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    My  (Not-So) Perfect Life

    My (Not-So) Perfect Life

    Every girl wishes she had a perfect life, with perfect clothes, perfect friends, perfect parents and perfect hair. Especially perfect hair. But, in real life, the typical tween's life is better than perfect - it is interesting. So interesting that it deserves to be recorded in all its glorious imperfection. My [Not-So] Perfect Life celebrates a tween's real life, bumps and all. It is a journal filled with friendly, funny writing prompts designed to overcome blank-page anxiety. Love, destiny, parents, friends, going to school, being cool - no subject is off limits. A sparkly pencil in a handy holster, funky and funny artwork and text with an ever-so-slightly smart-aleck attitude make writing on these pages just about irresistible. To embody the concept, the title on the cover transforms to read "My Perfect Life" or "My [Not-So] Perfect Life," depending on the angle of your approach. (There's a metaphor for you.) In a world of pressure to act and look and be perfect in every way, this friendly prompted journal gives girls a way to celebrate their not-so-perfect selves.

    books;interactive and novelty books;klutz activity books | Ages 9-12
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    My (Not-So) Perfect Life
    Ages 9-12 $16.95


Author: Natasha Friend

Interest Level:

Lexile Framework:

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Guided Reading Level:

General Fiction

Science, Social Studies, Character and Values, Friends and Friendship

About This Book

Thirteen-year-old Isabelle deals with her grief over her father's death by overeating and then making herself throw up. When her mother finds out, Isabelle is sent to Group therapy. While there, Isabelle learns that no one - including the thinnest, prett

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