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    Goosebumps Wanted: The Haunted Mask

    Goosebumps Wanted: The Haunted Mask

    by R.L. Stine

    For the first time ever, Goosebumps is in hard cover! Catch the series' most notorious characters-undead or alive…

    From horror master R.L. Stine comes two new chilling stories in one spooky standalone:

    The Haunted Mask has returned and is determined to make this the worst night of your life!

    Where's the last place you would want to get stuck? A haunted pumpkin patch where the jack o'lanterns are after you?

    And watch for Goosebumps: Most Wanted, an all-new paperback series coming in the fall.

    Contributors:R.L. Stine's books have sold more than 300 million copies, making him one of the most popular children's authors in history. Besides Goosebumps, R.L. Stine has written series including: Fear Street, Rotten School, Mostly Ghostly, The Nightmare Room, and Dangerous Girls. R.L. Stine lives in New York with his wife, Jane, and his King Charles spaniel, Minnie. www.RLStine.com.

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    Hardcover Book | Grades 3 and Up
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    Goosebumps Wanted: The Haunted Mask
    Grades 3 and Up $11.19
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    Goosebumps: The Beast from the East

    Goosebumps: The Beast from the East

    by R.L. Stine

    Ginger Wald and her twin brothers are lost in the woods, but these woods are like none they've seen before. The grass is yellow. The bushes are purple. And the trees are like skyscrapers. Their plight takes a perilous turn when the siblings meet the beasts. The big blue furry creatures want to play a game: The winners get to live - and the losers get eaten!

    Page Turners
    New artwork in this tale of suspense will make your horror fan scream with ghoulish delight.

    $3.99 You save: 20%
    books;paperback books;paperbacks | Ages 8 and Up
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    Goosebumps: The Beast from the East
    Ages 8 and Up $3.99

First Evil

Author: R. L. Stine

Editor: Patricia MacDonald

Series: Fear Street

Interest Level:

Lexile Framework:

Grade Level Equivalent:

Guided Reading Level:

Horror and Supernatural

Culture and Diversity, Sports, Friends and Friendship

About This Book

Bobbi and Corky have just moved from Missouri, where they led their cheerleading squad to an all-state championship. Now they would like a chance to lead the Shadyside High cheerleading squad. They're ecstatic when they make the squad, but then horrible

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