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    The Amazing Life of Benjamin Franklin

    The Amazing Life of Benjamin Franklin

    by James Cross Giblin and Michael Dooling

    Echoing the look of a newspaper from Benjamin Franklin's own printing press, this exciting biography reveals the life of one of America's most fascinating men. Includes a time line, a list of Franklin's amazing inventions, funny sayings from Poor Richard's Almanac, historic sites and more.

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    Paperback Book | Grade 5
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    The Amazing Life of Benjamin Franklin
    Grade 5 $5.99
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    When Plague Strikes

    When Plague Strikes

    by James Cross Giblin and David Frampton

    Sickness, death, fear, compassion, science, and superstition are all addressed in this informative, respectful profile of three epidemics—small pox, the black death, and AIDS. "A fascinating read."—SLJ

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    Paperback Book | Grades 9-12
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    When Plague Strikes
    Grades 9-12 $5.96
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Fireworks, Picnics, and Flags

The Story of the Fourth of July Symbols

Author: James Cross Giblin

Illustrator: Ursula Arndt

Interest Level:

Lexile Framework:

Grade Level Equivalent:

Guided Reading Level:

General Nonfiction

Social Studies, Culture and Diversity

About This Book

Each of our holidays has its own familiar traditions: Wearing green on St. Patrick's Day, hunting for painted eggs on Easter, gathering with family and friends to share a picnic and watch fireworks on the Fourth of July. But where do these customs come from, when did they begin, and why do we continue to observe them?

In the engaging blend of careful research and lively prose that has earned her books a lasting place on the holiday bookshelf, Edna Barth explores the multicultural origins and evolution of the familiar and not-so-familiar symbols and legends associated with our favorite holidays. Acclaimed author James Cross Giblin's spirited look at our national birthday continues in Ms. Barth's tradition and rounds out the series. Full of fascinating historical details and little-known stories, these books are informative and fun to read. Festively illustrated by Ursula Arndt, they are now available again in hardcover as well as paperback editions, featuring new, eye-catching jacket designs, and original holiday activities inside the paperback covers.

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