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    Secrets of Droon #18: Search for the Dragon Ship (EBK)

    Secrets of Droon #18: Search for the Dragon Ship (EBK)

    by Tony Abbott and Tim Jessell

    When Neal, Eric, and Julie are summoned to Droon by the wizard Galen Longbeard, they quickly make their way to the magical entrance that carries them from Eric's basement to the land of Droon. Once they arrive in Droon, they learn that a wicked princess is trying to locate the Dragon Ship, which will give her the power to control the fate of the kingdom. The children hurry to find the ship first, but discover that it's been broken into pieces and hidden all over Droon. Using their wits, some clues, and their magical skills, the kids race around on the wildest scavenger hunt of their lives!

    This tale is written in an engaging but accessible style, and has dynamic pen-and-ink drawings sprinkled throughout. Young readers will love stepping into the wild and surprising world of Droon!

    books;ebooks;ebooks | Ages 7-9
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    Secrets of Droon #18: Search for the Dragon Ship (EBK)
    Ages 7-9 $4.99
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    The Big Bug Search

    The Big Bug Search

    by Caroline Young and Ian Jackson

    This informative series brings the excitement of discovery to curious readers, enhanced by colorful photographs and artwork, diagrams, and more. Amazing and engaging reading!

    $4.87 You save: 30%
    Paperback Book | Grades 3-4
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    The Big Bug Search
    Grades 3-4 $4.87
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Satch & Me

Author: Dan Gutman

Series: Baseball Card Adventure (Book #7)

Interest Level:

Lexile Framework:

Grade Level Equivalent:

Guided Reading Level:


Historical Fiction, Series, Fantasy

African American, Baseball, Sports Heroes, Tolerance and Acceptance

About This Book

You wanna know who threw the fastest pitch ever?

Many baseball players claim that Satchel Paige was the fastest pitcher in the history of the game. Stosh and his coach, Flip Valentini, are on a mission to find out. With radar gun in tow, they travel back to 1942 and watch Satch pitch to power hitter Josh Gibson in the Negro League World Series. They soon learn that everything about Satch is fast — whether it's his talking, driving, or getaways.

But is he really the fastest pitcher who ever lived? While traveling with Satch, they learn about the discrimination that African Americans suffered on and off the field, and that Satch had been a truly remarkable athlete worthy of the Hall of Fame.

Stunning black-and-white photos of the league's superstars are included.

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