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    Teaching With Favorite Patricia Polacco Books

    Teaching With Favorite Patricia Polacco Books

    by Immacula A. Rhodes

    The stories of Patricia Polacco inspire young readers to appreciate family heritage, examine personal attitudes, and find reason to hope, dream, and reach for the stars. Introduce children to the work of this popular author-illustrator with activities like Thunder Cake Math and the Babushka Attribute Game! Includes Before and After Reading discussion ideas plus hands-on activities and reproducibles that build skills in reading, writing, math, art, and more.

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    eBook | Grades 1-3
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    Teaching With Favorite Patricia Polacco Books
    Grades 1-3 $8.96
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    Scholastic Book Guides: Chicken Sunday

    Scholastic Book Guides: Chicken Sunday

    Teaching with trade books is effective and manageable with Scholastic Book Guides—each guide has everything teachers need to build important skills for successful instruction in reading. Guides include:
    • Book summary and author information to build background and prior knowledge
    • Vocabulary-builders to help your students learn important word meanings for better comprehension
    • Discussion questions to deepen understanding, and build and check comprehension
    • Reproducible graphic organizers and writing activities to extend the meaning of the text
    • Effective management ideas for whole class, small group, and independent instruction.

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    eBook | Grades K-2
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    Scholastic Book Guides: Chicken Sunday
    Grades K-2 $3.74
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Chicken Sunday

Author: Patricia Polacco

Interest Level:

Lexile Framework:

Grade Level Equivalent:

Guided Reading Level:


African American, European History, Grandparents and Grandchildren, Family Life, Friends and Friendship, Spring Themes

About This Book

After being initiated into a neighbor's family by a solemn backyard ceremony, a young Russian American girl and her African American brothers' determine to buy their gramma Eula a beautiful Easter hat. But their good intentions are misunderstood, until they discover just the right way to pay for the hat that Eula's had her eye on. A loving family story woven from the author's childhood.

"Polacco has outdone herself with these joyful, energetic illustrations, her vibrant colors even richer and more intense than usual, while authentic details enhance the interest. A unique piece of Americana." — Kirkus Reviews, pointer review

"In this moving picture book, the hatred sometimes engendered by racial and religious differences is overpowered by the love of people who recognize their common humanity." — Booklist," starred, boxed review

"The text conveys a tremendous pride of heritage as it brims with rich images from her characters' African American and Russian Jewish cultures--A tribute to the strength of all family bonds." — Publishers Weekly, starred review

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