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Coloring Inside the Lines


Q: My son just turned 4 and started preschool. I notice that all or most the other children are holding their pencils properly and coloring well within the lines. My son still grips his pencil and scribbles all over the place. He moves from color to color and makes little blobs of color all over the place without regard to the picture. He doesn't do drawings. The teacher mentioned his holding the pencil incorrectly. Is this something I should worry about? Is there something I can do to help?

A: I had to smile when I read your question about "coloring in the lines." When I was in kindergarten my mom was brought into school because I was not able to color in the lines like the other kids. I too drew on top of the picture and added blobs of color here and there. Interestingly, it was because I was a bit of a "free thinker" and not totally because I couldn't do the work (although it was difficult for me). I preferred doing my own art more