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  • SchoolWrite administration software has the power to turn any school office into a streamlined operation that can handle attendance, report cards, fee invoices, and bank statements. SchoolWrite goes beyond the basics by e-mailing absentee notices to parents. There’s a downloadable free trial that can be upgraded to the full package.; 61-500-55-1288 (Australia)
  • St. Bernard’s iPrism M1200 is an ingenious mix of hardware and software to steer web-surfing kids away from the Internet’s dangers and keep a school’s computers free of viruses, adware, and spyware. The key is the database of hazardous sites and its ability to stop a wayward web journey.; 800-782-3762n With all of its organizational abilities available over the web, the School Administrator is a cost-effective way to put any school online. It’s based on components for all a school’s functions, from students and administration to human resources and library. The company offers a downloadable free trial.;212-284-8600
  • The latest version of DayMark’s School Partner can help a school keep track of everything it needs to do, with sections for attendance, grading, accounting, and personnel information. The program has a section for printing student library cards, and there’s an online demo version available.; 800-228-5857
  • With AccessIt software, a school’s library becomes more than a repository of books and educational materials. Based on a powerful SQL database, this library automation program can help search for any single item, e-mail overdue notices, and show a map of the library with an item’s location highlighted.; 01895 819306 (UK)
  • Modular Management System’s Generations program can streamline any educational institution, from a single school to an entire district, by bringing together enrollment, attendance, and scheduling. This powerful program can not only help improve the cafeteria and make communication with parents easier, but administrators can also tap into the system with a handheld computer.; 888-665-4046
  • With the power to integrate all the administrative functions of an elementary or high school, Surfside Software’s Lighthouse puts a school’s worth of data at the administrators’ fingertips with modules for accounting, attendance, scheduling, and even discipline.; 800-942-9008
  • If off-the-shelf admin packages are too basic, inflexible, or expensive for your school, why not write your own? It’s easier than you think with FileMaker Pro’s K–12 Education Starter Kit, which includes all a school will need, with premade databases for the essentials, including registration, class materials, faculty, and students. Administrators, programmers, and district IT directors can download a free 30-day trial version of the program.; 800-725-2747

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