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It may have the catchy name of Sticky Learning, but the idea behind the Odyssey Reading and Vocabulary series from Compass Learning is to create a virtual teacher that can engage students of all abilities. It’s meant for third to eighth graders.; 800-232-9556

Renaissance’s Read Now with Power Up can help fourth to seventh graders catch up who are at least one grade level behind. By combining fiction and nonfiction passages with a self-paced teaching routine, the program reinforces learning with built-in practice and quizzes.; 800-656-6740

With a slew of visual elements, Imagination Station can capture the attention of K-through-third-grade students with large letters and animation to help teach reading. With special emphasis on phonemes, letters, and vocabulary, the program’s tiered structure requires that students show proficiency before moving on to the next section.; 866-883-READ

Tech Literacy
With the ability to work with all the disciplines needed for a K-through-six curriculum, Pearson’s KnowledgeBox can help make computer learning more interesting and effective. Rather than relying on static screens, KnowledgeBox features a fast-paced combination of interactive software, web links, and video clips.; 888-977-7900

The science lab goes digital with computer-based tutorials from Biology Labs On-Line that show science in action. The 12 tutorials range from the theory of evolution to how the cardiovascular system works and feature compelling illustrations, graphs, and comparisons.; 415-402-2500

Using the program’s interactivity, seventh and eighth grade students can master prime numbers, ordered pairs, scientific notation, and other important ideas with Compass Learning’s Odyssey Mathematics 7–8. The program can keep a class in sync with your state’s curriculum while also using the latest research in learning to help kids acquire the needed math concepts, operations, and procedures.; 800-232-9556

The Hot Math online curriculum center now covers 90 percent of the most popular math textbooks for elementary, middle, and high school classes with subject material that ranges from basic arithmetic to calculus. The web pages not only follow the printed texts but also have reviews, tips, and extra problems.

Pianomouse Goes to Preschool is a symphony of software for introducing elementary students to music theory in a fun and nonintimidating way. The CD includes sections on meeting famous composers.; 888-287-3380

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    Easy Activities for Using Kid Pix® Software in the Classroom

    Easy Activities for Using Kid Pix® Software in the Classroom

    by Joan Novelli

    More than a creativity tool, Kid Pix software has easy, practical uses that extend to every corner of your curriculum. You can use Kid Pix for map-making activities, collaborative books, graphic organizers, class calendars, skill-building games and activity sheets, and more! This teacher-tested collection of activities includes easy-to-follow steps for using Kid Pix in reading, writing, math, social studies, and more. 64 pages.

    $2.74 You save: 75%
    Professional Book | Grades 1-3
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    Easy Activities for Using Kid Pix® Software in the Classroom
    Grades 1-3 $2.74
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    Community Construction Kit v2.0 Classroom Kit, No Software

    Community Construction Kit v2.0 Classroom Kit, No Software

    Community Construction Kit®
    For Grades 2 – 6

    Design, print, and construct your own 3-D communities!
    This easy-to-use tool enables students to design buildings on the computer and then turn them into 3-D paper cutouts. Students can design historical communities or recreate their own towns.

    Product Features
    • Hundreds of historically accurate architectural elements to create original buildings
    • Over 30 ready-made buildings, printable in multiple sizes
    • Narrated images of Native American, Medieval, Colonial, and Contemporary buildings
    • Dozens of printable characters in historical costumes to add to your community
    • Cut by hand OR send to Silhouette Digital Fabricator to automatically fabricate cut & fold lines.

    Meets State and National Standards

    Your students will:
    • Learn about cultures from different historical periods
    • Examine the interaction of humans and their physical environment
    • Understand why artistic creation is a cultural expression
    • Identify and use various sources for reconstructing the past
    • Communicate their understanding of history in visual form
    • Develop skill with spatial relationships

    Prepack | Grades 2-6
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    Community Construction Kit v2.0 Classroom Kit, No Software
    Grades 2-6 $20.00
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