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Eye on the Prize
Through the recent acquisition of all presentation and education business from ClearOne Communications, Ken-A-Vision introduces the FlexCam and ProfCam. The FlexCam is a multipurpose camera for displaying high-quality, full-color images and documents as well as full-motion video on a TV or LCD projector. The ProfCam displays high-quality images of documents, video, and objects on a variety of devices.; 800-501-7366

Write on!
Why settle for a plain projector-and-screen combo when you can get one with smarts? SMART Technologies’ SMART Board 600i’s Unifi short-through projector mounts on top of the board—instead of on the ceiling—and puts an XGA image right onto the combination whiteboard and screen. The teacher can write on the board and also control everything by tapping the whiteboard, thanks to the 600i’s on-screen interface. The device can connect to a variety of video sources.; 888-42-SMART

School Server
Based on Intel’s latest dual-core Xeon processor and top-speed memory chips, the Gateway E-9520T server has the power to handle all of a school’s digital tasks yet, at $2,099, is affordable to buy and use. There’s plenty of room for future expansion with a tower system case designed to reduce the cost of installation and operations. The E-9520T manages remotely while the design shares components with other Gateway servers and can be serviced without a screwdriver. If a school gets the optional RAID storage system, all its data will be safe and secure.; 888-888-2075

What's In A Name? Plenty
Most school offices will use Seiko’s SLP 440 label maker to quickly print labels for mass mailings or first-day name tags, but it’s also a great way to make sure that no box or file will ever be misidentified again. The $159 thermal printer pumps out labels in seconds and is compatible with PCs or Macs. With Seiko’s optional print server, it will work with any 802.11b or g wireless network. The SLP 440 can pinpoint sharp, 300-dots-per-inch text onto adhesive-backed labels up to 21⁄8 inches wide.; 800-688-0817

Math Whiz in a Pocket
HP’s 39gs graphing calculator should fit right into any high school math class. It can solve and graph complex equations and display the two side by side on its screen, making math a more intuitive and enriching experience. The calculator’s infrared wireless system enables any two 39gs calculators to share information, and they can be connected to a PC. At $80, the 39gs comes with 256MB of memory and built-in lessons, and it has more than 600 mathematical functions at its disposal.; 800-752-0900

Show-and-Tell on the Big Screen
When it comes to teaching anything from chemical reactions to art history, nothing beats using a projector on the big screen. Toshiba’s TLP-XC2500U pairs a versatile digital projector with a high-quality document camera. At $1,539, it’s a presentation powerhouse that allows students to experience their education firsthand. Rather than an expensive add-on, the TLP-XC2500U’s three-megapixel document camera arm folds out from the projector’s base and can put anything on screen, ranging from a magazine page to a petri dish. The integrated LED light illuminates items small and large. But expect to spend a little time getting the hang of adjusting the camera’s gain control, and the arm tends to wobble. With a removable control panel, four-digit password protection, and a pair of VGA video inputs, it’s custom made for the classroom. ; 800-316-0920

Pretty Neat Protection
With the Belkin Concealed Surge Protector’s hinged cover, you can do away with the sight of wires hanging like a ball of spaghetti. The BZ111234 also provides protection for 11 power outlets, several phone jacks, and a cable-TV line. The surge protector is $50 and comes with a $200,000 warranty on equipment connected to it.; 800-2-BELKIN

Perfect Pointer
If juggling a laser pointer and a notebook is too much, Microsoft Presenter Mouse 8000 has a new way to control the show. Connected with a 2.4GHz wireless link, the $100 device can advance slides, start applications, and move the cursor—all from up to 30 feet away from the computer. Plus, it’s got a laser pointer built in.; 800-MICROSOFT

Digital Darkroom For Less
With Epson’s Perfection V100 scanner, your school can have an advanced digital darkroom on a tight budget. The flatbed scanner can accommodate originals up to 8.5 by 11.7 inches, creating photo-quality scans at 3,200-dot-per-inch resolution in vivid 48-bit color or 16-bit grayscale. At $100, it’s an inexpensive way to add illustrations to a lesson, create a photographic family tree, or stock the yearbook with a semester’s worth of snapshots.; 800-463-7766

Small But Powerful
WinBook’s Jiv Mini squeezes a full-size multimedia PC into the space of a textbook. With Intel’s dual-core processor, high-end graphics, a dual-layer DVD burner, and high-speed memory, the Jiv Mini has enough power for editing video, watching and recording TV, and running even the most intense school software. A well-equipped model costs $999.; 800-634-3478

Making the Projector Connection
With everything from the needed mounting hardware to all the cables and connection electronics, Extron’s MediaLink PoleVault kit simplifies installing a classroom projector. PoleVault not only includes the post and brackets to securely mount just about any projector on a ceiling but can also help hide all the wires and ease its connection to the school’s data network. In fact, all a school needs is the actual projector, a screen, and something to show students.; 800-633-9876

Textbook Tracking
Hayes Software Systems has released the latest version of TIPWeb 2.3.20. TIPWeb is the only comprehensive inventory control and order management solution for K–12 school and school district textbooks. It communicates instructional material inventory information through a web-based, centralized application. District and campus users have real-time access to current inventory counts, exact textbook needs based on course enrollment, order management functionality, and easy-to-use reporting features.; 800-749-5086

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