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Junket Justifiers

September 2006

e-Learning Instructional Design Conference 2006
October 10-13, 2006
Hyatt Regency Airport
San Francisco

This year, the e-Learning Instructional Design Conference has been incorporated into DevLearn 2006 so attendees can attend both expos at once. Discover the latest tools, technologies, strategies, and best practices for designing, developing, and managing state-of-the-art e-learning. The conference focuses on the interests and needs of intermediate and advanced e-learning professionals.

2006 Virtual School Symposium
Next Generation Education: Redesign Powered by Online Learning

November 5-7, 2006
Marriott at Legacy Town Center

North American Council of Online Learning provides the Virtual School Symposium (VSS) for teachers, administrators, and policymakers representing online learning programs in K-12. The VSS delivers online learning trends, professional development, research, networking opportunities, and solutions for offering online learning to all K-12 students.

NSBA's 20th Annual T+L Conference
Educate, Innovate, Celebrate
November 8-10, 2006

Convention Center

More than 2,000 technology directors and coordinators, superintendents, assistant superintendents, school board members, curriculum developers, principals, and all other administrative leaders are expected to attend this conference. The programming strands will address the spectrum of technology planning and management needs as well as focus on technology implementation. The keynote speakers include Ray Kurzweil, visionary technologist and educator, Professor James Paul Gee, and Clyde Prestowitz, an expert on global change and economic policy.

California Library Association's 108th Annual Conference
Raise Our Voice
November 11-13, 2006

Sacramento Convention Center

This premier conference will offer dozens of workshops for library staff and supporters in California. Former U.S. poet laureate Billy Collins will open the conference. Other notable speakers include activist Nancy Amedei and novelist Anchee Min.

National Career Academy Coalition 10th Annual Professional Development Conference
November 11-14, 2006
Westin St. Francis
Union Square, San Francisco

Teachers, administrators, and business partners should attend this 10th anniversary conference. Experience the convergence of education's most potent ideas and powerful networks. Meet the authors of the National Standards for Career Academies and learn how to connect your school to those standards.

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    Easy-to-Manage Reading & Writing Conferences

    Easy-to-Manage Reading & Writing Conferences

    by Laura Robb

    Looking for a way to make conferring with children more manageable and effective? Veteran teacher Laura Robb delivers a menu of reading and writing conferences that won't eat up precious class time, including spotlighting conferences, making-the-rounds, and debriefing talks. Filled with teacher-student conference dialogues, how-tos for finding conference topics within student work, management tips, sample schedules, conference assessment reproducibles, and more. Covers one-on-one, partner, small group and whole class conferences. 144 pages.

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    Be Prepared for Parent Conferences: Classroom Management (First Six Weeks of School)

    Most parent conferences don’t occur within the first six weeks of school, but the preparation for them does. Begin collecting student work samples early in the year so you have several to choose from when it’s time for parent conferences. This chapters provides indispensable tips to help you prepare for parent conferences, as well as the tools you will need to succeed! Includes writable PDF versions of seven must-have reproducibles!

    The information in this chapter is arranged as follows:
    • Scenario A - describes a day in the life of a teacher who is overwhelmed.
    • Scenario B - describes the same day as it’s experienced by a teacher who is organized.
    • Tips for Success - introduces the main topics in the chapter.
    • Tools for Success - discusses the reproducibles that go with the chapter.
    • Take Action - suggests practical next steps!

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