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September 2006

Ray Cortines returned to Los Angeles schools last month as education adviser to Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa. Cortines will play diplomat as the mayor and the current superintendent, Roy Romer, wrestle for control over the district.

Former St. Louis Superintendent Greg Williams was removed after a contentious battle within a divided school board. Board members Ron Jackson and Robert Archibald said that the majority members pushed the former superintendent from office and that he tendered his resignation in exchange for a buyout of $250,000, the annual salary he is due for the current year of his contract. In addition, six members of the superintendent's cabinet-including his chief of staff, director of secondary education, and personnel chief-were also dismissed.

After 38 years in education, Peter McFarlane is retiring from his position as Grand Rapids, Michigan, school superintendent. He declined the board's request to renew his contract. ... Stafford (VA) County School Board voted to fire Jean Murray, who served as superintendent for four years in a district with 26,000 students. ... San Diego County school board members picked Randolph Ward to replace Rudy Castruita, who is retiring after more than a decade. Ward is the state-appointed administrator at Oakland Unified School District. In his new position, he will manage a $400 million budget and oversee 42 school districts. ... Nancy Sebring began her stint as the next superintendent of Des Moines Public Schools in July. Sebring had been deputy superintendent of Douglas County School District, a 48,000-student district in Colorado. One of her biggest projects will be overseeing the district's Schools First program, which will involve the renovation and construction of about 40 schools.

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