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Your Guide to Where the Money Is.

September 2006

The U.S. Department of Education awarded 20 grants totaling almost $8 million under the Transition to Teaching program to help high-need school districts recruit and retain highly qualified, mid-career professionals. The grant aims to encourage paraprofessionals and recent college graduates who have not majored in education to teach in high-need schools. The program provides five-year grants to state and local education agencies, for-profit and nonprofit organizations, and institutions of higher education collaborating with states or high-need school districts.

DirecTV has launched the DirecTV4Schools program, which will donate $100 to a participating school for every parent, teacher, or friend who subscribes to DirecTV for one year. The company will also donate $100 for any current customer making a new programming commitment.

For the third year in a row, California teachers will receive funds to implement energy and energy conservation curriculum through BP's $1.5 million A+ for Energy grant program. California K-12 educators can submit activities for classroom or after-school, extracurricular, or summer programs that foster energy-conscious thinking.

The National Institutes of Health will grant $8.5 million in Science Education Partnership Awards for projects that will engage the public in medical research, stimulate interest in science, and encourage the next generation of health professionals. With an emphasis on reducing health disparities, the program's projects target minorities and students in underserved communities.

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