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Welcome Back to School!


School is a new and exciting experience for your kindergartners and first-graders—and for their parents. Soon you’ll have the opportunity to connect with your students’ families during parent-teacher conferences. And as you know, successful parent-teacher conferences require lots of planning beforehand, effective communication during the conference, and follow-through afterward.

NESTLE® JUICY JUICE® and Scholastic have partnered to develop valuable, time-saving tools and reproducibles to help you maximize your partnership with parents—and your students’ development and education—right from the start! This year, make the connections between home and school your strongest yet.

Teacher Resources

A Guide to Parent-Teacher Conferences (Teacher Guide)
Tips & Tools to Kick Off a Great School Year

Page 2: Team Up with Parents to Kick Off a Great Year (PDF)

Page 3: Getting Organized Before Your Conferences (PDF)

Page 4: [Reproducible] Kindergarten Student Progress Checklist (PDF)
Spanish Version

Page 5: [Reproducible] First-Grade Student Progress Checklist (PDF)
Spanish Version

Page 6: [Reproducible] Family Invitation Letter (PDF)
Spanish Version

Page 7: Tips for a Successful Parent-Teacher Conference (PDF)

Page 8: [Reproducible] Progress Report Letter (PDF)
Spanish Version

Certificate of Achievement

To help your students' families prepare for parent-teacher conferences, download the
Family Guide pages below, either in Spanish or in English, and forward them to parents.

A Family Guide to Parent-Teacher Conferences (in English)
Page 2: Before the Conference: Team Up with Your Child's Teacher to Kick Off a Great Year (PDF)
Page 3: Before the Conference: Getting Prepared (PDF)
Page 4: At the Conference: Sharing Some Thoughts About My Child (PDF)
Page 5: After the Conference: Following Up at Home (PDF)
Page 6: After the Conference: Support Your Child's Reading Goals (PDF)
Page 7: After the Conference: Helping with Homework (PDF)
Page 8: After the Conference: Good Habits for Life (PDF)

A Family Guide to Parent-Teacher Conferences (in Spanish)
Página 2: Antes de la Conferencia: ¡Haga Un Equipo con El(La) Maestro(a) de Su Hijo(a) para Iniciar un Gran Año! (PDF)
Página 3: Antes de la Conferencia: Cómo Prepararse (PDF)
Página 4: En la Conferencia: Compartiendo Algunas Reflexiones Sobre Mi Hijo(a) (PDF)
Página 5: Después de la Conferencia: El Seguimiento en Casa (PDF)
Página 6: Después de la Conferencia: Apoye las Metas de Lectura de Su Hijo(a) (PDF)
Página 7: Después de la Conferencia: Cómo Ayudar con los Deberes (PDF)
Página 8: Después de la Conferencia: Buenos Hábitos para la Vida (PDF)

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