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The Cheetah Girls 2 premieres on August 25 at 8:00 pm on Disney Channel.

The stars of Cheetah Girls 2
Raven-Symone as "Galleria", Kiely Williams as "Aqua", Adrienne Bailon as "Chanel", Sabrina Bryan as "Dorinda" star in Cheetah Girls 2 on the Disney Channel. (Photo: Disney Channel/Bob D'Amico)

Interviews by Gerri Miller

In this Disney Channel sequel to the mega-popular Cheetah Girls TV movie, we once again find Galleria (Raven-Symone), Chanel (Adrienne Bailon), Aquanetta (Kiely Williams), and Dorinda (Sabrina Bryan)—otherwise known as The Cheetah Girls—pursuing their pop superstardom.

This time, however, they find themselves on an adventure in the beautiful and exotic city of Barcelona, Spain. The new adventure includes entering the Barcelona Music Festival, encountering a Marisol, a Spanish teen pop diva, falling in love, and maybe even breaking up The Cheetah Girls!

Scholastic News Online met up with Raven, Adrienne, Kiely, Sabrina, and newcomer Belinda Peregrin. Check out what they had to say!


Scholastic News Online:
What was it like working on the sequel?

Raven: We were able to dive into the script after so much time [apart]. We got to really solidify [our] friendship and how it was going to work in the movie. So I think I liked it a lot more.

SN Online: How much do you have in common with your character, Galleria?

Raven: I am not as mean. I am not as self-centered. I’m very driven like her, but not to the point of where I get on people’s nerves. She’s a producer—I don’t produce, but I write. I’m [also] very confident like she is.

SN Online: Did you have fun in Spain?

Raven: We did, oh my goodness. Spending two months in a country where I’d never been . . . of course!

The stars of Cheetah Girls 2.
(Photo: Disney Channel/Salva Ayala)

SN Online: Did you get to sightsee in time off?

Raven: We didn’t have to; with [director] Kenny Ortega we saw all the sights [while working on the movie].

SN Online: What’s the message of this movie?

Raven: It shows that girls can grow up, and everybody has to take a path, their own way. Even though the dream may be the same, everyone has to take their own road to that dream. We show that with the Cheetah Girls.

SN Online: Did you write any of the songs?

Raven: I wrote three songs that I did not perform with the Cheetah Girls—it was just me—“Do Your Own Thing” and two others.

SN Online: What do you like about performing live, compared to doing movies and TV?

Raven: I get to see who’s watching That’s So Raven and the joy that I bring on the faces. I get to talk to people. Sometimes when I’m singing a song I’ll stop and have a conversation with somebody. They love that.

SN Online: Now that That’s So Raven is over, will you guest on the spin-off, Corey In The House?

Raven: I’ve already planned it. And if [Kyle Massey] doesn’t ask me to, I’ll go anyway!

SN Online: What do you think young girls can learn from the Cheetah Girls?

Raven: I think that the Cheetah Girls prove that not everybody has to look the same. Not everybody has to be skinny. Some people are comfortable with the way they are and hopefully that’s what the Cheetah Girls can promote in girls.

The stars of Cheetah Girls 2.
(Photo: Disney Channel/Salva Ayala)


SN Online: What was the best thing about Spain?

Kiely: Just going to Spain, for me. It wouldn’t have been the same movie, the same experience, if we weren’t in Spain. Spain was a character in the movie and such a big part of what we did every day.

SN Online: You’re going on tour without Raven. When do you leave?

Sabrina: We leave in the middle of September—40 cities for two months on the road. We hope to get the chance to go down to Puerto Rico.

Adrienne: All the dates are on our Web site.

SN Online: You perform songs from the first and second albums?

Adrienne: Yes, and also from Disney Mania and covers.

Kiely: The song that we did for the Chicken Little soundtrack.

SN Online: Miley Cyrus from Hannah Montana is your opening act, right?

Adrienne: Yes. Last time we had Aly & AJ.

SN Online: Who are some of your musical influences?

Kiely: I really like the Steve Miller Band. I like a lot of classic rock.

Sabrina: Gwen Stefani, and I really like Madonna, what she’s done with her career, and her style.

Adrienne: I love girl groups, En Vogue, SWV, TLC. I’m a big fan of girl groups. “The Party’s Just Begun” has a very En Vogue [feel].

SN Online: How are you balancing Cheetah Girls and your other group, 3LW?

Adrienne: It’s really cool that we—me and Kiely—are in two groups at the same time. No one has ever done that. We’re young and we have a lot of energy. And they’re two completely different audiences.

SN Online: Did you ever think Cheetah Girls would become so popular?

Adrienne: I had no clue, but to have come this far, I can’t even imagine how far it will go from here.

The stars of Cheetah Girls 2 on the Disney Channel
Cheetah Girls 2 premieres August 25 on the Disney Channel. (Photo: Disney Channel/Bob D'Amico)


SN Online: Was it fun for you making the movie?

Belinda: Yeah, it was a great experience. I learned a lot. The girls are great. I had a great time.

SN Online: Had you watched the first Cheetah Girls? Were you familiar with them?

Belinda: Yeah, of course. I saw the first movie and I saw Raven’s show—she’s huge everywhere.

SN Online: Were you intimidated at all coming in as the new girl?

Belinda: Nervous, because my first language is Spanish, but all the girls helped me out.

SN Online: Did you teach the girls any Spanish?

Belinda: Of course. Ask Raven!

SN Online: Do you sing in Spanish in Cheetah Girls 2?

Belinda: I have four songs on the Cheetah Girls’ album and I sing one in English and the other three in Spanish.

SN Online: So you have an album coming out?

Belinda: Yeah, I’m recording my Spanish album. Actually I’m going to come here again next week. I’m very excited. We don’t know the name yet, but I have songs.

SN Online: What’s your style, what do you sound like?

Belinda: I think that my music is very unique. I don’t want to be like anybody. I want to have the audience’s heart but be different. I want to be myself.

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