SMART offers a range of professional development options for educators, including learning opportunities for administrators looking for best practices in ICT implementation.

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Online Fund-Raising

Need to raise money for your school? Consider online fundraising by using your school's website, a supplier's website or even organizing an Internet auction. Whether selling candy or magazines, the following Internet resources can be an affective way to help you beef up your coffers:

  • cMarket, Cambridge, Mass. - Helps schools and nonprofit organizations create, market, and manage online fund-raising auctions. , (866) 621-0330
  • OneCause (Schoolpop), Boston - Enables schools to receive a percentage of the money online shoppers spend on various web sites including LandsEnd, Walmart, JC Penney, and Staples. , (888) 200-2088
  •, Calif. - Gives schools a percentage of the funds you [and other online shoppers who register] spend at partner merchants stores, such as Macy's, Safeway and Barnes & Noble.
  • eBay, Inc., San Jose, Calif.- Sell almost anything on this popular online auction website. Schools post items on the site and are responsible for managing the auction themselves.
  • Field Trip Factory, Chicago - Sign up for free business-sponsored field trips. Permission forms, teaching tips and classroom activities are provided on the website. , (800) 987-6409
  • Funding Factory, Erie, Penn. – Use this online service to earn cash and new equipment by recycling used printer cartridges and cell phones. , (888) 883-8237
  • School Fundraisers, Newton, Mass. – Offers 10,000 different customized products for online fundraising. , 866-327-9700
  • FastTrack Fundraising, Los Angeles – Helps schools raise money online by selling magazines or receiving credit card donations. Also displays an online thermometer that measures your school's progress. , 888-778-2580
  • Association of Fund-Raising Distributors & Suppliers, Atlanta - an international association that offers online fundraising tips and advice for schools and nonprofits. , 404-252-3663

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