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Quick Click: 9 Easy Ways to Build Your Child’s Language Skills


Communication blossoms when you and your child do things with each other. When you play and work together, you have something in common to talk about. Try these language-rich activities:

  1. Bake together. Share the experience of measuring the ingredients, sifting and mixing, and then cleaning up. It's also a great opportunity to introduce related vocabulary: tablespoon, half a cup, stirring, mixing, liquid, solid, dissolve, rise, bake.

  2. Take photos of yourself and your child engaged in different activities. Share the pictures and talk about them so she learns that you can communicate about things that happened in the past.

  3. Share stories about when your child was a baby, when he said his first words, the food he liked best, and other fun things he did when he was little. Encourage your child to share his ideas of the same events.

  4. Tell stories about your own chi