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Child Labor Around the World

<p>A child picks coffee beans on the Kirimiri Coffee Farm in Kenya, Africa. (Photo: Robin Romano)</p><p> </p>

A child picks coffee beans on the Kirimiri Coffee Farm in Kenya, Africa. (Photo: Robin Romano)


Today, more than 250 million children between the ages of 5 and 14 work. Of those, more than 80 million kids labor in extremely hazardous conditions. They weave carpets in dimly lit factories—at times, shackled to their looms. They crawl through cramped tunnels deep below the earth's surface hunting for gems and coal. And they struggle not to buckle under the crushing weight of bricks balanced on their heads.

This cycle of unending labor is robbing young people of their childhoods—even in America. Officials estimate that more than 150,000 children work illegally on U.S. farms.

In response to these alarming stories and statistics, Scholastic News Online has put together this special report on child labor. In addition to country reports and stories of hope, Child Labor Around the World will also run a series of articles profiling young laborers from different countries. New profiles will be posted regularly.

The report will also supplement an ongoing series of articles on child labor to be published in Scholastic News and Junior Scholastic.

For more information on child labor around the world log onto the Stolen Childhoods Web site.

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