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Message From Scholastic About This Web Site

Dear Parents, Teachers, and Students,

In the days and weeks after September 11, 2001, Americans were called to face a new challenge. Even as countless individuals and communities united to comfort those who suffered personal losses — and our national and local governments took measures to strengthen our security — students, teachers, and parents sought to understand what had happened and how the attacks had affected our nation and our place in the world.

Students asked why people would resort to terrorism, why America had been the target, and how our leaders would defend us. Teachers asked for assistance in helping their students make sense of this tragedy, as well as questions about the Muslim world and the Middle East, and the reasons and risks of military action in Afghanistan. Parents asked for advice and counsel on how to discuss the tragedy and subsequent events with their children, and how to reassure even the youngest children about their safety.

As the leading provider of news and information for young people, Scholastic has provided comprehensive and age-appropriate coverage of September 11 and the nations response through its magazines, Web sites, and reference books. As a publisher of books and educational materials, Scholastic has provided a wide range of additional resources and support for teachers and parents. In response to your questions, Scholastic editors have focused on several key themes:

  • Understanding what, how, and why September 11 happened, in language and a level of depth that matches the awareness and needs of young people at different ages.
  • Clear, useful advice for parents and teachers from leading experts on child psychology and development.
  • Compassion for the victims of September 11, and the recognition of heroism and sacrifice of the rescue workers and victims families.
  • Recognizing the efforts of ordinary Americans who have responded, and highlighting useful and productive ways that young people and schools can take concrete actions to continue to express their concern and support.
  • That the actions of terrorists do not represent the feelings or goals of the vast majority of Muslims around the world, and that Islam is a religion of peace.
  • The need for understanding and tolerance toward American Muslims, who share with all Americans a commitment to democracy.
  • Understanding the political movements and issues that are shaping world events.
  • Support for our military, our governments efforts to make the world a safer place for Americans, and all who are opposed to terrorism.
For teachers, the site offers expert advice as well as a wide range of classroom resources, including lesson plans, reproducibles, activities, and materials to help children learn about tolerance and diversity. Our editors provide answers to frequently asked questions about the war on terrorism, and outline measures that our government has taken to prevent future attacks. Other stories and activities focus on patriotism and community, and what it means to be an American.

As we remember those who lost their lives in the attacks and pay tribute to heroes, we hope that our materials will inform children across the U.S. and inspire them to help create a better world.


Scholastic Editors

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